Legel Questions

Upon 11 years experience in foreign talents recruiting consulting service, here are some advices you might want to know:

1.The first thing you should do when you land in China.
You or your employer should register in local police department after you landed in China. Nowdays, the plice department has general network system, if you do not register in the first 24 hours after you land in China, there will be a 500RMB penalty generally.

If you come for tour or business, the hotel you are staying which have the license to host foreigner will send your data to the police department and you will register autumatically, but if you plan to extend your visa in the future for longer stay, you might ask the temperory residence paper and keep it for future visa extension use.

Visa extension in China must follow the policy strictly. You might be able to get short-cut from some visa agents but you must be ready to pay a very high service charge.

We would not encourage foreign teacher come with non-working visa unless your employer promiss you clearly they are surely offer working visa upon arrival.

3.Termination of the contract

If you have teaching experience in China before, a formal reference letter should be provided by the fomer employer, otherwise, the government will not approve your new working visa. It is very important to keep a good work record.

If you decide disapear suddenly during your contract period, the employer can report you to immigration office and cancel your working visa online, so you might be told that you have been overstayed for long time even your passport has the valid working visa.

4.Behavior you should not do

Drugs are not allowed.
Teachers should not go to class with alcohol smell.
Teachers are not allowed to have romantic relationship with students.
Teachers should not punish students physically in any way.

5.Sensitive topics you should know first

China has many reglions but most Chinese people have no religion based on many reasons, it is not encouraged to approach chinese with your reglion in public occasions. Political topics are ok to discuss in private conversation, but not encouraged when it may cause big misunderstanding.