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Name Nationality Students age Expected salary Date of Birth School type Fields to apply Country
  Paul Wiesenborn USA I am an ESL teacher from the USA, and I've been living in Qinhuangdao (Heibei province, China) for three months. I was hired by my current employer, English First, with the help of HR China. ¥0.00 2014-02-19    
  Jake China 2001-2002 Middle school,2003-2010 University ¥3000.00 1999-11-06 Middle school The winter vacation
City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Beijing Chaoyang 18K-21K after tax, Beijing Chaoyang training school need American/Canadian teacher , asap Contract Length One year contract Salary 18000-21000 Airfare Allowance Paid by company Travel Allowance Paid by himself / herself Insurance Paid by himself / herself Over Work Allowance Yes,negotiate in person Holidays DEMO奖金,    
  Wuhan 10000RMB/Month+apartment, middle school German teacher wanted in Wuhan, start asap 10000RMB/Month+apartment16-18 teaching hours per week Mon to Fri no office hours free private apartment one year contract renewable Middle school month
  Sichuan 20171011 10k to 12k Foreign language school ESL teacher in Sichuan Free apartment Working visa Free insurance Full pay for summer & winter holidays Middle school Asap
  Guiyang 20171011 ASAP 8k to 20k kindergarten ESL teacher / Female teacher in Guiyang Female teacher preferred 8000-20000RMB per month Free apartment + free meals If non-native need with visa Kindergarten Asap
  Suzhou 20171011 ASAP International school SAT teacher 18k per month in Suzhou Suzhou international school SAT teacher 18k per month(before tax) + free apartment 24 teaching class Working time: 8:00-17:00 International school Asap
  Wuxi 20171011 15k to 20k adults training school ESL teacher in Wuxi Salary: 13000-18000RMB Airfare Allowance : 6000RMB Travel Allowance : None Bonus : renew&referral Insurance: social insurance Apartment :1500-2000RMB Adults training center Asap
  Beijing 20171011 ASAP 14000 to 17000RMB per month drama theatre teacher in Beijing drama teacher wanted in Beijing, Fangshan: 5 vacancies 4000-17000RMB per month, + visa support+ apartment 3-12 years old. Mon and Tuesday off Middle school Asap
  Xinxiang 20171011 Middle school English teacher / Economics teacher 12k to 20k in Xinxiang Transportation allowance: 8000RMB Free apartment Working visa Free insurance Middle school Asap
  Taiyuan 20171011 GAC program 13k to 15k English teacher / science teachers in Taiyuan 13,000-15,000 RMB(after tax)/month for a Math or Science teacher 6,000-10,000 RMB per year for flight ticket 1,500 RMB per month for accommodations High School Asap
  Urumqi 20171011 Foreign language school ESL teacher 12k to 14k per month in Urumqi 12k to 14k Within 20 teaching class per week Transportation allowance: 8000RMB Free apartment Working visa Middle school Asap
  Guiyang 20171010 18000RMB Per month language training school ESL teacher in Guiyang Salary: 18000 per month Working hours per week: 20 hours Office hours: No Rest time: Monday and Tuesday Job content: oral English Teaching Kids training center Asap
  Taiyuan 20171001 00 to 8000RMB university English teacher in Shaanxi Taiyuan/Weinan etc. 7000-8000RMB per month, negotiable Free apartment (free utility & web access) Free breakfast (300RMB allowance), teacher canteen One year contract, reimbursement for round flight ticket University Asap
  Guiyang 20170929 14K to 18K International institution of Education English teacher in Guiyang 14K to 18K International institution of Education English teacher in Guiyang Name: International Institution of Education (i2) Nature: Chinese-foreign Joint Current Position: Guiyang branch International school Asap
  Suzhou 20170928 ASAP 12k to 20K kids training school ESL teacher in Suzhou Salary: 12-18k Airfare Allowance : 5000 Travel Allowance : no Insurance: business insurance Apartment : house allowance Kids training center Asap
  Hangzhou 20170928 10k to 15k Piano teacher wanted in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Salary: 10k to 15k per month Airfare Allowance : no Travel Allowance : no Insurance: yes Apartment : no Utility : by teacher Meals Offered? no Kids training center Asap
  Jiangsu 20170928 12k to 18k adults training school ESL teacher in many cities in China Salary: 12,000 RMB -16,000 RMB/month Housing Allowance (2,000/month) Airfare Allowance (2,500-3,500/half of year) 16 days of paid holiday (5 paid holidays+11 nations holidays) Adults training center Asap
  Zhongshan 20170927 12k per month kindergarten ESL teacher in Zhongshan Guangdong kindergarten Mon to Fri, salary is 12K or more + free apartment, Kindergarten Asap
  Jieyang 20170927 12k per month plus free apartment kindergarten ESL teacher in Jieyang Guangdong kindergarten, Mon to Fri schedule, salary 12K per month+ free apartment Kindergarten Asap
  Xiamen/Jinjiang 20170927 12k per month public high school ESL teacher in Xiamen/Jinjiang 8000 RMB flight air allowance after one year contract free apartment (with all basic facilities and free Wi-Fi ) at most 20 working hours per week and Two days off per week High School Asap
  Jiangjxi 20170927 12k to 15k middle school English teaching job in Jiangxi province small cities Salary:12.000-15.000 Pay Date: 25th every next month Airfare Allowance and Pay Date: 5000 flight bonus at the end of one year’s contract Middle school Asap