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Name Nationality Students age Expected salary Date of Birth School type Fields to apply Country
  Paul Wiesenborn USA I am an ESL teacher from the USA, and I've been living in Qinhuangdao (Heibei province, China) for three months. I was hired by my current employer, English First, with the help of HR China. ¥0.00 2014-02-19    
  Jake China 2001-2002 Middle school,2003-2010 University ¥3000.00 1999-11-06 Middle school The winter vacation
City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Dongguan/Ningbo 181113 10K to 22k kids training school ESL teacher in Jilin/ Dongguan /Ningbo   Kids training center Asap
  Beijing 181113 15k to 25k German Engineering or Auto major teacher in Beijing RMB 15000-25000/Month (location Beijing, require travel from time to time) ASAP , German Teacher in engineering or Auto related, can teach University Asap
  Yongkang 181113 14k to 18k kids and adult training school ESL teacher in Yongkang 14k to 18k per month 6k flight allowance after one year contract Z visa Kids training center Asap
  Shangrao 181113 12k to 18k middle school ESL teacher in Jiangxi / Inner Mongolia Salary工资待遇 12.000-18.000 RMB Pay Date工资发放时间 每月25日发上月工资 Middle school Asap
  Jining 181112 12k to 18k kids training school ESL Teacher in Jining 12k to 18k per month Free apartment Flight allowance : negotiable Z visa Kids training center Asap
  Shenzhen 181112 13k to 18k primary to middle school ESL teacher in Shenzhen 13k to 18k per month, paid 15th monthly Free apartment in campus, single room/washroom with air conditioner, wash machine etc Elementary School Asap
  Shenzhen 181111 18k to 20k kids training school ESL teacher in Shenzhen 18-20k per month , paid 10th monthly Free apartment Chinese holidays No flight allowance Kids training center Asap
  Yangzhou 181111 22k primary to middle school ESL teacher in Yancheng Jiangsu 22K before tax, elementary school ESL teacher wanted in Jiangsu province, Yancheng city, Mon to Friday schedule. Elementary School Asap
  Nanjing 181111 Well paid Chinese / Western piano teacher in Nanjing / Hangzhou Hangzhou tonglu city, Western piano teacher wanted, asap, visa support, free apartment。 great pay package, work on weekends, 2 days off between Mon to Fri, Elementary School Asap
  Jinan 181111 14k to 18k kids training school ESL teacher in Pinyi Jinan 14-18k per month, paid 10th monthly Free single apartment off campus (one bedroom, single washroom, well furnished) Chinese national holidays Teacher solve visa Kids training center Asap
  盐城181111 江苏盐城中教招聘 办理人事档案、职称评定、评优评先与公办学校同等,五险一金齐备、安享节日福利、校龄津贴等丰厚待遇,比当地公办学校人均薪资高出30%,特殊人才薪资面议; Elementary School Asap
  Jinhua 181108 15k to 20k kids training school ESL teacher in Jinhua 15k-20k per month, 100-120RMB/H for overwork Private Free apartment off campus, or house allowance almost the same as apartment Medical insurance Kids training center Asap
  Shanghai/Nanjing 181108 10k to 18k English teacher in Shanghai/Piano teacher in Nanjing Chinese teacher 6k-8k per month Foreign teacher 10k or more Free apartment Kids training center Asap
  Shenzhen 181108 ASAP 13k to 16k kindergarten to primary school ESL teacher in Shenzhen Kindergarten 13-16k Primary school 14k or above, negotiable Paid 15th monthly Kindergarten Asap
  Hangzhou 181106 16k to 19k high school math teacher in Hangzhou high school math teacher wanted in hangzhou city, after tax 16k to 19k, plus rent 3000rmb per month, start in one week High School Asap
  Guangzhou 181102 14k to 18k English teacher in Dongguan / Guangzhou salary 14K to 18K, free apartment, Start asap Kids training center Asap
  Beijing 181102 18k to 24k kindergarten ESL teacher in Beijing 18K-24k Kindergarten in Beijing xicheng district Position Title: English teacher Age Group:3-6years old  Kindergarten Asap
  Foshan 181101 10k to 13k public school ESL teacher in Foshan salary 10000-13000 Rmb with flight allowance at the end of the contract, native English speakers with degree and other z visa qualification Elementary School Asap
  Nanjing 181101 12.5k kids training school ESL teacher in Nanjing Working Visa offered; · Basic Salary starting from RMB__12500_per month, depends on working experience and demo Kids training center Asap
  Chengdu 181101 18k to 22k high school Physics teacher and Psychology teacher in Chengdu RMB18000/ month to RMB22000/month(after tax); Ÿ Air ticket allowance,10000RMB/ per academic year; Ÿ Accommodation allowance,3000RMB/ per month; High School Asap