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Name Nationality Students age Expected salary Date of Birth School type Fields to apply Country
  Paul Wiesenborn USA I am an ESL teacher from the USA, and I've been living in Qinhuangdao (Heibei province, China) for three months. I was hired by my current employer, English First, with the help of HR China. ¥0.00 2014-02-19    
  Jake China 2001-2002 Middle school,2003-2010 University ¥3,000.00 1999-11-06 Middle school The winter vacation
City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Fuzhou 20180716 12k to 15k kids training school ESL teacher in South China 6 office hours 11k-15k after tax, 1.5k house allowance Offer work permit, work visa fees paid by teacher Kids training center Asap
  Shenzhen 20180716 10k to 15k kids training school ESL teacher in Shenzhen 10-15k per month based on ability Free apartment One day off for national holiday, 5 days paid holiday after one year Flight allowance: 6000RMB after one year contract Kids training center Asap
  Nanning 20180716 12k to 16k kindergarten ESL teacher in Nanning Homeroom teacher ( stay with one class the whole day) 12k-16k per month, paid 8th every month Winter break two weeks (include Chinese New Year) and summer break (next July) two weeks; Kindergarten Asap
  Shanghai 20180716 30k to 40k international school licensed PE teacher in Shanghai 360k-480k annually (30k-40k per month) GRADE 1-8. Sept 2018 Feb 2019 start , the same payment terms All need teacher certificate International school Asap
  Beijing 20180716 30k International department teaching management director in Beijing 30k per month if can teacher some American High school curriculum, paid 15th every month 2k house allowance 50% salary for summer/winter holidays International school Asap
  Shenyang 20180716 13k to 20k kids training school ESL teacher in Shenyang 13-20k per month plus bonus Well furnished Free apartment or house allowance Utility & internet fees paid by teacher Paid holidays Kids training center Asap
  Shenzhen 20180714 ASAP 12k kids training school ESL teacher in Shenzhen 12K • Accommodation provided • Flight allowance after 1 year contract • Company sponsored professional training and development • All Chinese national holidays paid Kids training center Asap
  Dongguan 20180714 12k to 20k kindergarten ESL teacher in Dongguan Guangdong 12k-20k before tax 10k flight ticket allowance after contract ends Accidental insurance 1k house allowance Free Three meals Kindergarten Asap
  Fujian 20180714 17k to 22k kids training school ESL teacher in Fuzhou 15000-20000RMB per month 2000RMB House allowance, can help find apartment, utility paid by teacher 10 days paid holiday Z visa Kids training center Asap
  Changsha 20180714 9k to 15k adult training school ESL teacher in Changsha salary is 9000-15000RMB, flight allowance is 6000RMB per year , apartment rent allowance 1500RMB/month, u ca start anytime Adults training center Asap
  Xining/Taizhou 20180714 9k to 11k kids training school ESL teacher in Xining / Taizhou salary is 9000-11000RMB (could be more upon applicant's background) per month plus free apartment, 2 days off per week, Kids training center Asap
  Shanghai 20180714 18k kids training school ESL teacher in Shanghai •salary:around 18,000 per month •6,000 RMB annual flight allowance  •Working visa sponsored Kids training center Asap
  Nanchang 20180712 USD1500 to 2200 kids training school ESL teacher in Nanchang Salary: USD1500~2200/per month after tax. Accommodation: free, well furnished apartment provided. RMB5000 for airfare allowance after one year contract ends. Kids training center Asap
  Shanghai 20180712 18k after tax no office hour kids training school ESL teacher in Shanghai 18k after tax when contract starts Free shared apartment No office hours requirement 10k bonus after finish contract Kids training center Asap
  Zhangjiagang 20180712 16k kids training school ESL teacher in Zhangjiagang 16k plus free apartment, visa support , sports+English+ music, Kids training center Asap
  Jinan 20180712 22k after tax kindergarten ESL teacher in Jinan 22,000K/M after tax, kindergarten in Jinan city is hiring ESL teacher. Mon to Fri schedule, 5 working hours per day, Kindergarten Asap
  Chongqing 20180711 12k to 15k kids adult training school ESL teacher in Chongqing Chongqing Beibei district, teenagers and adults teaching The salary:12000-15000RMB per month The exact salary according to the result of interview. Kids training center Asap
  Baoji 20180711 13k to 15k kids training school ESL teacher in Baoji 13k to 15k per month Within 20 teaching hours, one hour meeting per week, no office hours Free apartment 5k flight allowance after contract ends Kids training center Asap
  Daqing 20180711 10k to 14k international Montessori kindergarten homeroom teacher in Daqing private apartment, free utilities, work visa, competitive salary 10-14k (opportunity to make additional money at our English training center if you would like), insurance, flight Kindergarten Asap
  Harbin 20180711 10k to 15k kids training school ESL teacher in Harbin salary is 10K to 15K, PLUS 9000rmb flight allowance per year, bonus 8000RMB, FREE MEDICAL, living allowance 2000-2200RMB, Kids training center Asap