City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Yulin 20180322 7000 TO 8000RMB university ESL teacher in Yulin Guangxi 7000 to 8000RMB per month Free apartment/web access/TV Free utilities within 250RMB One round flight ticket or 10k allowance University Sept 2018
  Yangzhou 20180322 10k per month college ESL teacher in Yangzhou 10k before tax+free apartment Paid winter holiday, no salary for summer holidays Free insurance 8000RMB flight allowance University Sept 2018
  Wuhan 20180319 7000RMB university English teacher Arabic teacher in Wuhan English teacher, vacancy 2, oral English teaching Arabic Teacher, vacancy 1, oral Arabic teaching 7000RMB per month University Asap
  Wuhan 20180312 7k to 8k college teacher in Wuhan 7k-8k per month, free apartment Spring & Autumn Travelling, Christmas holidays etc 8k flight ticket allowance after contract ends 2200RMB traveling allowance Paid summer winter holidays (70%) University Asap
  Zhengzhou 20180310 7000RMB university ESL teacher in Zhengzhou University English teacher Basic salary 7000RMB 16 teaching class per week University Sept 2018
  Xi An 20180310 9k to 18k college Oral English teacher / Professional teacher in Xi’an College oral English teacher, vacancy 4 9000RMB before tax+300RMB insurance allowance Professional teacher 18000RMB + 300RMB insurance allowance Sept 2018 start, native only University Sept 2018
  Yulin 20180306 7000 to 8000RMB university ESL teacher in Yulin Yulin, Guangxi, China University teacher 7000-8000RMB per month University Asap
  Shantou 20180305 9000RMB per month college teacher in Shantou 16 teaching class on average 9000RMB+ (8400RMB basic salary + 600 accommodation allowance+300 transportation allowance) Free apartment University Sept 2018
  Yinchuan 20180301 6000RMB to 7000RMB university ESL teacher in Yinchuan Ningxia 6000RMB for Bachelor, 6500RMB for Master, 7000RMB for Doctor+ free apartment Free utilities 12000RMB travel allowance University Asap
  Xiangtan Hunan 20180228 University painting / Dance / English / Japanese teacher in Xiangtan Bachelor 5500RMB per month Master 5800RMB per month Within 18 teaching class University Asap
  Gongyi Henan 20180228 About 10k university English / Japanese / German teacher in Gongyi Henan 8000-10000RMB per month for university vacancy(free apartment in campus) 10000RMB per month for kindergarten (free apartment in campus) Reimbursement for economical flight tickets within 15000RMB Travel allowance: 2000RMB University Asap
  Wuhan 20180211 7000 to 8500RMB college oral English teacher in Wuhan 7000RMB-8500RMB per month Transportation allowance: 8000RMB/year Travel allowance: 2200RMB per year Paid summer holiday, full pay for July, 70% salary for August University March, 2018
  Wuhu 20180207 8000RMB per month college writing and oral English teacher in Wuhu 8000RMB per month Full pay for summer & winter holidays 12000RMB flight allowance 2200RMB travel allowance University March, 2018
  Jinzhong 20180207 10k per month university English teacher in Jinzhong Paid One month holidays 10k international travel allowance Free insurance 16-18 teaching class No office hours University Asap
  Yangling 20180129 6000 to 7000 College English teacher wanted in yangling Shaanxi province Salary: RMB6000-7000 per month Allowance: 10,000 RMB flight ticket, 2200 RMB travel allowance per year for completing one year contract University Mar 2018
  Chongqing20180126 10000RMB German teacher English teacher wanted in Chongqing 9000 to 10000RMB per month Flight allowance : 6000RMB Free insurance Z visa University Mar 2018
  Qinzhou Guangxi 20180122 8800RMB per month college teacher in Qinzhou Guangxi 8800RMB per month before tax 18 teaching class Overwork allowance: 80RMB/CLASS Three months holidays University Asap
  Liuzhou 20180120 9000RMB per month university English teacher in Liuzhou 9000RMB per month, paid 20th every month Free apartment, around 54m2 , free web access, well furnished Utility: 150RMB allowance 15RMB meal allowance per day University Mar 2018
  Wuhan 20180120 7000RMB per month college English teacher in Wuhan 7000RMB per month 18 teaching class per week Each 45mins March 2018 start University Mar 2018
  Jining 20180120 7000RMB per month college oral English teacher in Jining 7000RMB per month 16 teaching class Teaching subject: Oral English University Mar 2018
  Xuzhou 20180120 7000 to 11000RMB per month university English teacher wanted in China university teacher 6800-11000RMB+free apartment University Mar 2018
  Guangdong 20180118 8000RMB university painting teacher dance teacher in Guangdong 8000RMB per month+ free apartment 16-18 teaching class 20k government allowance per year University Asap
  Yancheng 20180117 10k per month college music teacher / Piano teacher in Yancheng Small class, can hold a concert etc 10k per month, about 1300USD Arrange apartment, flight ticket, insurance , utility allowance etc University Asap
  Yunan 20180116 Mengzi Yunan university English teacher wanted Salary:  Bachelor degree holder: ¥4000-5500 RMB per month  Master degree holder: ¥5500-8000 RMB per month  PhD degree holder:  ¥7000-12000 RMB per month   Free accommodation, basic daily life facilities provided.  University Asap
  Rizhao 20180112 6000RMB to 8000RMB University English teacher in Rizhao / Xinyang 6000 to 8000RMB per month 20 teaching class per week, overwork allowance Mon-Fri, Chinese festal holidays, Summer/Winter holidsy University Asap
  Chongqing 20180112 10k to 11k university German teacher wanted in Chongqing Flight allowance: 8000-10000 Free apartment & Chinese lessons, festival bonus etc University Asap
  Dalian 20180111 6500RMB per month university ESL teacher in coast city Dalian 6500RMB university ESL teaching job in Dalian city, March 18 start for one year contract, renewable, z visa University Mar 2018
  Huizhou 20180109 8000RMB university hotel management / Economics / Music / Painting teacher in Huizhou Salary is RMB8000/M for master degree and RMB 8500/M,  14-16 teaching hours Mon to Fri schedule free on weekends  University Mar 2018
  Huizhou 20171222 8000RMB university hotel management / Economics / Music / Painting teacher in Huizhou Salary is RMB8000/M for master degree and RMB 8500/M,  14-16 teaching hours Mon to Fri schedule free on weekends  University Asap
  Zhengzhou 20171220 8000 to 9000RMB per month university English teacher in Zhengzhou teach conversational English and writing, salary is 8000-9000RMB per month , private well furnished apartment, University Feb 2018
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