City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Xinxiang 20180705 7k to 9k university ESL teacher in Xinxiang Henan no office hours, salary is 7000-9000RMB per month , free apartment, Sept 1. 2018 start University Sept 2018
  Hohhot 20180704 13k university ESL teacher in Hohhot free apartment Salary is 13K , plus paid winter vacation about one month, free social insurance, z visa University Asap
  Yinchuan 20180703 5500 to 6000RMB university ESL teacher in Yinchuan salary is 5500-6000RMB per month, free apartment and living utilities, paid vacation. University Sept 2018
  Tongcheng 20180627 9k per month university ESL teacher in Tongcheng Anhui salary is 9000RMB, holiday allowance 2500 per semester flight allowance 9000RMB per month. University Asap
  Yulin 20180627 8k university ESL teacher in Yulin Guangxi Salary:8000RMB Weekly Teaching:16 lessons Students: English Major students (18-24 years old) University Sept 2018
  Guangzhou 20180626 8300RMB per month university English teacher in Guangzhou For foreign teachers with bachelor’s degree, the salary is 8 300 yuan (before income tax). If you have a master’s or doctor’s degree, you can get 8 600 (before income tax). University Sept 2018
  Shanghai 201806261 7k to 9k government college / university oral English teacher in Shanghai 1) RMB 7000-9000 /month (10 months/year) 2) Traffic allowance RMB 12000/year 3) Independent apartment with furniture in downtown 4) Living allowance RMB6000/year University Sept 2018
  Changzhou 20180626 9500RMB per month university ESL teacher in Changzhou 9000RMB for Bachelor, 9500RMB for master 2200 travel allowance Reimbursement for round flight ticket University Asap
  Qingdao 20180622 6k to 8k university ESL teacher in Qingdao 6000-8000RMB per month, free private apartment (108square meters) 16 teaching classes per week, University Asap
  Zibo 20180621 6k per month college French teacher in Zibo salary is 6000RMB per month plus living allowance 500RMB per month, 6000RMB flight allowance per year, need native French speaker qualified for z visa University Asap
  Guangzhou 20180619 8300RMB to 8600RMB university ESL teacher in Guangzhou 8300-8600 salary, rent deduct 800 RMB per month Chinese national holidays University Asap
  Anyang 20180612 9k to 10k university ESL teacher in Anyang Henan 9k before tax, up to 10k Free apartment Two round flight ticket Travel allowance Free insurance Z visa if meet requirement University Sept 2018
  Zhengzhou 20180612 9k to 11k university English teacher in Zhengzhou 9k before tax, 18 teaching class, each 45mins, 2hours English corner 11k before tax, 22 teaching class, each 45mins, 2 hours English Corner University Asap
  Xianning 20180606 7500 to 8500 university German teacher French teacher in Xianning Salary : between RMB 7500 – 8500 monthly (depending on applicants’ educational background , teaching experiences etc.) University Asap
  Beijing/Guangzhou 13k to 18k summer university teacher in Beijing / Guangzhou teach university students, pay is 13K TO 18k Per month, no apartment and other benefits, native English speaker wanted University June 2018
  Chongqing 20180605 7000RMB to 9000RMB university German teacher in Chongqing Bachelor 7000/Master 8000/Dr 9000 Free apartment 8000RMB flight allowance after contracts ends University Sept 2018
  Changzhou 20180604 8k university English teacher / Computer teacher in Changzhou 15-20 teaching class 8000RMB per month, negotiable Sept start University Sept 2018
  Wuxi 20180604 8000RMB per month university French teacher in Wuxi Monthly 8000RMB+free apartment Paid winter holidays Flight ticket allowance/free insurance Sept 2018 start University Asap
  Nanchang 20180530 Around 8000RMB per month university English teacher in Nanchang 7000RMB-8000RMB per month Free apartment (2 bedrooms one hall) Accidental insurance & critical illness insurance Reimbursement for economy flight tickets University Sept 2018
  Taiyuan 20180530 8k to 12k university Japanese teacher in Taiyuan 16-18 teaching class Bachelor 8000RMB, Master 10k, Dr 12k Full pay for winter holiday University Sept 2018
  Xiaogan 20180530 7000RMB per month university ESL teacher in Xiaogan Hubei University ESL teacher 7000RMB per month Sept to June next year 2200RMB travel allowance University Asap
  Beijing/Guangzhou 20180529 Short term Summer holiday job English teacher in Guangzhou/Beijing/Huaian July 30-Aug 24 5 hours per day , MOn to Fri, , pay is 13K to 18K per month no apartment University July
  Guangzhou 20180524 7500RMB university ESL teacher in Guangzhou Salary is about 7500RMB per month, apartment on campus, one month paid winter vacation . University Asap
  Guangzhou 201805232 8300RMB per month university English teacher in Guangzhou 16 teaching hours 8300RMB for Bachelor degree holder, 8600 for Master Free apartment Accidental insurance University Asap
  Changsha 20180523 5500 to 7000RMB university French teacher / Italy teacher in Changsha French teacher/Italy teacher 5500 to 7000RMB per month 20 teaching class Sept start University Asap
  Qingdao 20180523 ¥4500 to 6000 university Spanish teacher French teacher in Qingdao 4500-6000RMB per month 16 teaching class Free ticket Free apartment University Sept 2018
  Dalian 20180521 6500RMB university ESL teacher in Dalian 6500RMB per month Free apartment Round flight ticket 18 teaching class, no office hours Rest on weekends University Sept 2018
  Shunde 20180517 9k university oral English teacher plus free apartment in Shunde 9k after tax per month + free apartment Contract bonus 10k University Sept 2018
  Wuhan 201805141 8000RMB university English teacher in Wuhan 8000RMB per month Free apartment Native English speakers University Asap
  Chongqing 20180511 5500 to 7500 University French/English/German/Spanish teacher in Chongqing 16 teaching class Free insurance One round flight ticket reimbursement, 1000RMB Half salary for Summer/Winter holiday University Asap
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