City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Shenzhen 181112 13k to 18k primary to middle school ESL teacher in Shenzhen 13k to 18k per month, paid 15th monthly Free apartment in campus, single room/washroom with air conditioner, wash machine etc Elementary School Asap
  Yangzhou 181111 22k primary to middle school ESL teacher in Yancheng Jiangsu 22K before tax, elementary school ESL teacher wanted in Jiangsu province, Yancheng city, Mon to Friday schedule. Elementary School Asap
  Nanjing 181111 Well paid Chinese / Western piano teacher in Nanjing / Hangzhou Hangzhou tonglu city, Western piano teacher wanted, asap, visa support, free apartment。 great pay package, work on weekends, 2 days off between Mon to Fri, Elementary School Asap
  盐城181111 江苏盐城中教招聘 办理人事档案、职称评定、评优评先与公办学校同等,五险一金齐备、安享节日福利、校龄津贴等丰厚待遇,比当地公办学校人均薪资高出30%,特殊人才薪资面议; Elementary School Asap
  Foshan 181101 10k to 13k public school ESL teacher in Foshan salary 10000-13000 Rmb with flight allowance at the end of the contract, native English speakers with degree and other z visa qualification Elementary School Asap
  Xuzhou 181029 15k to 20k elementary to middle school English teacher in Xuzhou free single apartment, flight allowance reimbursement 10K per year, free wifi, 2-3 weeks winter vacation, summer 4-6 weeks. Elementary School Asap
  Wujiang 181016 17k to 18k primary to middle school ESL teacher in Wujiang Suzhou 17k to 18k after tax, negotiable for excellent teacher 16k family visit allowance after one year contract Business insurance, body examination when entry Elementary School Asap
  Shenzhen 1810111 10k elementary school grade one ESL teacher in Shenzhen salary is 10K +2500RMB rent allowance per week , winter vacation with full pay , Elementary School Asap
  Jinan 181008 11k after tax public elementary school ESL teacher in Jinan salary is 11K after tax, free private apartment, start asap. till June/July 2019, renewable. Elementary School Asap
  Dongguan 181008 14k kindergarten / Elementary school ESL teacher in Dongguan salary 14K, working visa, one year contract start asap Elementary School Asap
  Tianjin 20180926 16k to 18k elementary school ESL teacher in Tianjin need native English speaker fit working visa requirements, z visa support, start asap for one year contract Elementary School Asap
  Sanya 20180925 18k after tax elementary school ESL teacher in Sanya RMB 18000(before tax) or above. (The salary is not including housing subsidy any more, Specific Interview) ten-month contract. Elementary School Asap
  Jiaxing 20180925 17k elementary school ESL teacher in Jiaxing 20 teaching class, each 40mins Free apartment 17k after tax Elementary School Asap
  Handan 20180919 10k to 15k primary school ESL teacher in Handan Hebei 10-15k per month, paid 10th Free apartment or 1k house allowance Chinese national holidays Elementary School Asap
  Sanya 20180917 18k to 20k primary school to middle school ESL teacher in Sanya Primary school to middle school ESL teacher wanted 18-20k before tax Work time: 8:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00 Free apartment 5k flight allowance per year Elementary School Asap
  Shanghai 20180915 16k to 20k public school PE teacher in Shanghai Monday to Friday, salary 16-20k, rent allowance 3500, z visa support Elementary School Asap
  Dongguan 20180911 8k Public school English teacher in Dongguan Salary:8000rmb/moth after tax Bonus:10000rmb/year after tax Travel allowance:5000rmb/year after tax Elementary School Asap
  Kunshan 20180907 17k primary school Grade one ESL teacher in Kunshan salary is 17k before tax, free private well furnished apartment, free medical insurance, Elementary School Asap
  Dongguan 20180904 20k or more elementary school coding English teacher in Dongguan pay is about 20k or more, plus other benefits Require native Elementary School Asap
  Jinan 20180828 10k public elementary to high school teacher in Jinan salary is 10K plus free apartment, max 25 teaching classes each is 40 mins, no office hours, ( elementary to high school ), for native or non native with good background Elementary School Asap
  Sanya 20180810 8k elementary school ESL teacher in Sanya Sunday afternoon all teachers need to attend one hour oral English training 8k per month, free meals, not offer apartment Native only Elementary School Asap
  Guangzhou 20180807 8k elementary school female PE teacher in Guangzhou Elementary school PE teacher Philippians teacher, female 8k per month Mon to Fri Elementary School Asap
  Fushun 20180730 10k to 15k elementary school ESL teacher in Fushun Liaoning Monthly Salary: 10,000 to 15,000 RMB Housing: Free Housing at School Flight: A one way ticket from/to home country Airport Pickup Health Insurance Coverage Elementary School Asap
  Jinan 20180704 10k to 11k elementary school ESL teacher in Jinan salary is about 10K to 11K, free shared apartment. Sept 1, 2018 start Elementary School Sept 2018
  Jining 201807041 15k elementary school ESL teacher in Jining salary is 12500RMB + rent allowance 2500/M, free meals,  salary raise each year is 700-1000RMB per year Elementary School Sept 2018
  shenzhen 20180629 18k to 20k elementary school ESL teacher in Shenzhen 18k to 20k before tax Free single apartment Free work meals 8k before tax for winter holidays Elementary School Sept 2018
  20180627 Xuchang 13 to 14k after tax Elementary to high school PE teacher in Xuchang Elementary to high school Mon to Fri, salary is about 13k-14K after tax free apartment Elementary School Asap
  Sanya 20180626 18k to 25k elementary to middle school ESL teacher /Art teacher in Sanya Monthly salary: 18333-25500 rmb before tax Bonus(monthly/semester/yearly) : 5% of the year base salary  after one year Moving  allowance: 2000rmb Elementary School Sept 2018
  Shanghai 201806262 13k to 14k Elementary school librarian teacher in Shanghai salary is about 13K to 14K after tax plus rent allowance 3500RMB require native English speaker fits working visa requirement Elementary School Asap
  Hezhou 20180621 ASAP 15k to 20k elementary school teacher in Hezhou Guangxi 15k to 20k per month Free accommodation Reimbursement for flight ticket Mon-Fri Elementary School Asap
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