City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Foshan 201807102 22500RMB middle school Education director in Foshan 22.5k after tax, free apartment Mon-Fri, off on weekend Flight allowance Z visa Middle school Sept 2018
  Foshan 201807101 11k to 16k middle school ESL teacher in Foshan 11k to 16k after tax, based on ability and experience 6k flight allowance yearly, 50% reimbursement for visa fees Accidental insurance, 2k yearly bonus Middle school Sept 2018
  Zhuhai 201807042 13k to 15k middle school ESL teacher in Zhuhai salary is 13000-15000RMB, 20 Teaching classes per wee, free private apartment Sept 1 start . Middle school Sept 2018
  Xuchang 20180625 16k to 18k elementary to middle school art teacher music teacher ESL teacher in Xuchang free business insurance, free single apartment or 2k house allowance, utility paid by teacher, free breakfast & lunch Middle school Asap
  Xi An 20180620 14k middle school ESL teacher in Xi An 14k basically+1k monthly accession, living allowance 1k 5000RMB for winter holiday, flight allowance 5000RMB Middle school Asap
  Xi An 20180612 14k middle school ESL teacher in Xi An 14k basically+1k monthly accession, living allowance 1k 5000RMB for winter holiday, flight allowance 5000RMB Summer holiday salary can be negotiable if renew contract Middle school Asap
  Suzhou 20180612 16k to 20k business Economy teacher in Suzhou RMB16, 000/month to RMB20, 000/month after tax plus housing allowance, up to RMB 3,000 every month, luggage allowance up to 2,000 every year and settling-in allowance up to 2,000 at first year. Two single air fares ( to & from China) up to RMB10,000, Middle school Asap
  Zhuhai 20180607 13k to 15k middle school oral English teacher in Zhuhai 20 teaching hours 13k-15k before tax, overwork allowance, negotiable No office hours Middle school Asap
  Xi an 20180604 14k middle school ESL teacher in Xi'An 14k basically+1k monthly accession, living allowance 1k 5000RMB for winter holiday, flight allowance 5000RMB Summer holiday salary can be negotiable if renew contract Middle school Sept 2018
  Foshan 201805252 10k to 13k middle school Chemistry/Physics/Biology/Math teacher in Foshan 10k to 13k per month Within 20 teaching class, each 40 mins 2 days off (usually on Saturday, Sunday Morning, Monday morning) Middle school Asap
  Zhengzhou 20180518 15k elementary to middle school ESL teacher in Zhengzhou offer 15k plus other benefits, Grade one to 8, class size 40-60 , Mont Fri schedule, z visa, salary 15K or more, Middle school Asap
  Zhuhai 201805151 14k to 15k middle school oral English teacher in Zhuhai Free apartment 20 teaching class 14k - 15k before tax Middle school Sept 2018
  Fu An 20180508 12k Public middle school ESL teacher in Fu’an Salary: 12,000RMB per month (Native English speaker, Bachelor Degree or above, TESL or TESOL certificate , 2 years teaching experience; for master degree with major in education, 2 years teaching experience is not must. ) Middle school Asap
  Guiyang 20180508 9k to 13k ESL teacher in Guiyang Working place: Guiyang city,Guizhou, China working hour:20-25 per week,including 5-10 office hours; payment:9k-13k plus house offer, Middle school Asap
  Taicang 2018 15K to 18K Summer / Winter holiday part time job in Taicang 12k to 15k per month, arrange hotel accommodation 3K/month, plus overwork allowance, total 15k to 18k per month 8 hours a day, 5 days per week, within 5 teaching class Middle school Asap
  Qingdao 201804182 25k to 33k Academic Principal wanted in Qingdao 25,000-33,000 RMB/month after taxes, depending on experience and qualification. · 2,000RMB monthly housing allowance. · 10,000 RMB airfare reimbursement upon the completion of contract Middle school Asap
  Qingdao 20180417 15k to 18k middle school oral English reading teacher in Qingdao Middle school oral English & basic reading teacher Basic reading is about middle school level short story Mon-Fri 7:50am-4:30pm Middle school Asap
  Beijing 20180417 15k to 25k middle high school English teacher in Beijing Salary:15k-25k Work Visa:yes Days-Off: Weekend Accommodation / air welfare provided with certain limitation Middle school Asap
  Xiamen 20180416 11k to 12k public middle high school in Xiamen Public middle high school 11k to 12k after tax 20 teaching class 8000RMB travel allowance Middle school Asap
  Yichang 20180412 8k to 15k middle school Primary school ESL teacher in Yichang Salary: 8000-15000 RMB - Workload: 22 hrs / week - Flight & travel: 10000RMB - Accommodation: Free apartment and food Middle school Asap
  Shunde 20180403 18k to 20k middle school English teacher in Shunde Guangdong 18k to 20k negotiable Within 30 teaching class+office hours (total within 40) Students age: 15-18 years Students no: 8-20 Start asap Middle school Asap
  Guangzhou 20180312 16K to 20K Middle school Physics teacher math teacher in Guangzhou Monthly salary: 16000-20000rmb After tax Bonus(monthlymester/yearly) : rmb after one year Overtime allowance: rmb/h Festival: the same to the Chinese staffs and Christmas day Middle school Asap
  201803061 Fuzhou 20k to 30k Secondary school UK Head of Academics teacher in Fuzhou International school in Fuzhou city , Fujian, China Aug 2018 start Position: Secondary UK Head of Academics (Grades7-12) Vacancy 1 20k-30k per month Middle school Aug 2018
  Fuzhou 20180226 12k to 16k per month private junior high school ESL teacher in Fuzhou Native English speakers, can start asap 12k-16k per month Students age: 13-18 years old, Flight allowance: 6000-8000RMB 2 days rest per week Working visa Free apartment Middle school Asap
  Sanya 20180201 Up to 26k Grade 9 history / social studies teacher wanted in Sanya Sanya city, hainan island, China Grade 9 history +social studies teacher wanted, Feb end or Aug end start, pay is 20k to 26k plus other benefits Middle school Feb 2018
  Nanjing 20180115 12k to 15k middle school/high school oral English teacher in Nanjing Monthly salary :12k-15k 8000RMB per year as travel allowance, housing allowance; medical insurance Work visa and FEC provided Middle school Feb 2018
  Wuhan 10000RMB/Month+apartment, middle school German teacher wanted in Wuhan, start asap 10000RMB/Month+apartment16-18 teaching hours per week Mon to Fri no office hours free private apartment one year contract renewable Middle school month
  Sichuan 20171011 10k to 12k Foreign language school ESL teacher in Sichuan Free apartment Working visa Free insurance Full pay for summer & winter holidays Middle school Asap
  Beijing 20171011 ASAP 14000 to 17000RMB per month drama theatre teacher in Beijing drama teacher wanted in Beijing, Fangshan: 5 vacancies 4000-17000RMB per month, + visa support+ apartment 3-12 years old. Mon and Tuesday off Middle school Asap
  Xinxiang 20171011 Middle school English teacher / Economics teacher 12k to 20k in Xinxiang Transportation allowance: 8000RMB Free apartment Working visa Free insurance Middle school Asap
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