City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Wuhan 10000RMB/Month+apartment, middle school German teacher wanted in Wuhan, start asap 10000RMB/Month+apartment16-18 teaching hours per week Mon to Fri no office hours free private apartment one year contract renewable Middle school month
  Sichuan 20171011 10k to 12k Foreign language school ESL teacher in Sichuan Free apartment Working visa Free insurance Full pay for summer & winter holidays Middle school Asap
  Beijing 20171011 ASAP 14000 to 17000RMB per month drama theatre teacher in Beijing drama teacher wanted in Beijing, Fangshan: 5 vacancies 4000-17000RMB per month, + visa support+ apartment 3-12 years old. Mon and Tuesday off Middle school Asap
  Xinxiang 20171011 Middle school English teacher / Economics teacher 12k to 20k in Xinxiang Transportation allowance: 8000RMB Free apartment Working visa Free insurance Middle school Asap
  Urumqi 20171011 Foreign language school ESL teacher 12k to 14k per month in Urumqi 12k to 14k Within 20 teaching class per week Transportation allowance: 8000RMB Free apartment Working visa Middle school Asap
  Jiangjxi 20170927 12k to 15k middle school English teaching job in Jiangxi province small cities Salary:12.000-15.000 Pay Date: 25th every next month Airfare Allowance and Pay Date: 5000 flight bonus at the end of one year’s contract Middle school Asap
  Jieyang 20170830 Foreign language school middle school French teacher German teacher in Jieyang Foreign language school middle school French & German teacher 0.8W-1W,free apartment in campus 6-10 teaching class per week Middle school Asap
  Beijing/Wuhan 20170814 18K or more free meals French teacher wanted in Beijing/Wuhan Chinese national holidays, overwork allowance 18000RMB or above per month, three free meals a day Visa charges domestically paid by school Middle school Asap
  Guangzhou 20170804 15000RMB per month middle school ESL teacher in Guangzhou annual income is 15,000RMB (pay by 10 months ) free apartment, flight allowance 1000USD per year Middle school Asap
  Qingdao 20170804 13000 to 20000RMB middle school ART Teacher in Qingdao 13,000-20,000 RMB/Month after tax depending on experience and qualification, maximum 22 teaching hrs/wk; 2000RMB housing allowance per month; Middle school Asap
  Dangshan 20170718 100000RMB annually middle school oral English teacher listening teacher in Dangshan Free single apartment, 100m2 100000RMB annually Working time: Sept to Dec, Feb to May Middle school Asap
  Guangzhou 201707032 15K to 16K middle school ESL teacher wanted in Guangzhou Salary scale depends on ability and experience as bellow: 150000-162000RMB/year before tax for ESL teachers Middle school Asap
  Yiwu 20170628 18k to 21k per month economics teacher in Yiwu Economics teacher wanted in Zhejiang Yiwu city , salary is about 18K-21K per month plus free apartment Middle school Asap
  Fu an 20170614 12000RMB per month middle school English teacher in Fuan Salary: 12,000RMB per month (Native English speaker, Bachelor Degree or above, TESL or TESOL certificate , 2 years teaching experience Middle school Asap
  Yancheng 20170614 6000 to 7000 per month Middle school ESL teacher in Yancheng salary 6000-7000RMB per month, free apartment, Middle school Asap
  Changzhou 20170613 Elementary school to Middle school Female teacher in Changzhou/Wuxi 12000RMB after tax+flight allwance+free apartment+insurance 15-20 teaching class, no office hours Vacancy one Middle school Asap
  Dongguan 20170527 Elementary school/Middle school/High school oral English teacher in Dongguan 11500 to 15000RMB per month before tax Single apartment withfacilities 20 teaching class 8:00-17:30 ( 2hours rest at noon) Middle school Asap
  Guangzhou 201705172 ASAP 12k to 18k Middle school English teacher wanted in Guangzhou 12K-15K before tax, including house allowane 10-15 teaching classes per week one year contract,s tart immediately Middle school Asap
  Shaoxing 20170513 15000 to 20000RMB Native English teacher wanted in Zhejiang Shaoxing One round flight ticket every year Medical insurance 15K to 20K per month Middle school Asap
  Jining 20170513 Secondary school female English and French teacher wanted in Jining Salary: basic 12500RMB per month House allowance: 1400RMB per month in school, 2500RMB for rent Bonus: 2500-4000RMB per semester, contract renewable bonus Middle school Aug 2017
  Chengdu 20170513 16000 to 26000RMB per month PYP teacher wanted in Chengdu Salary;16000-26000 Airfare Allowance :one month salary as bonus after one year contract Travel Allowance ; no Middle school Aug 2017
  Wuhan 20170511 12K to 14K Music/PE/painting arts teacher Secondary level in Wuhan 12K to 14K per month Apartment/meal allowance/yearly bonus/flight allowance/summer & winter holiday allowance the same as other foreign teachers Middle school Aug 2017
  Huaian 20170503 12k to 15k public middle/high school English teacher in Huaian/Guizhou Salary; native 12K-15K Airfare Allowance; 6k Travel Allowance ; Train tickets reimbursement for summer/winter holiday Middle school Asap
  Dongguan 20170502 11500RMB to 15000RMB middle school and elementary school in Dongguan Salary RMB 11,500-15,000 Airfare Allowance :no Travel Allowance ;no Insurance: yes Apartment free single apartment in campus Middle school Asap
  Changshu 20170425 ASAP 8k to 13K English/math/science teacher wanted in Changshu Salary: 8000-13000 Airfare Allowance 4000-6000 Travel Allowance : no Bonus :no Middle school Asap
  Liaocheng 20170421 7000 to 15000RMB per month middle school English teacher in Liaocheng Salary: 7000-15000/month Airfare Allowance :5000RMB /year Travel Allowance :500RMB/year Insurance: accidental insurance Middle school Asap
  Shenzhen 201704162 ASAP part time public elementary school English teacher in Shenzhen Salary: 150-200/ teaching hour Airfare Allowance Travel Allowance Insurance Apartment : can offer Middle school Asap
  Shenzhen 201704161 ASAP Part time middle school oral English teacher in Shenzhen pay is 150-200RMB per hour Start ASAP Ruquire native Englsih speakers in Shenzhen Middle school Sept 2017
  Changning 20170222 10k per month middle school oral English teacher in Changning Salary: 10k per month Airfare Allowance: 8k Travel Allowance : 2k Insurance: school will pay for Middle school Asap
  Jinan 20170209 ASAP 9000RMB per month middle school ESL teacher in Jinan middle school teacher Mon to Fri, 23 teaching classes per week, no office hours, salary 9000RMB per month, Middle school Asap
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