City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Guiyang 20171011 ASAP 8k to 20k kindergarten ESL teacher / Female teacher in Guiyang Female teacher preferred 8000-20000RMB per month Free apartment + free meals If non-native need with visa Kindergarten Asap
  Zhongshan 20170927 12k per month kindergarten ESL teacher in Zhongshan Guangdong kindergarten Mon to Fri, salary is 12K or more + free apartment, Kindergarten Asap
  Jieyang 20170927 12k per month plus free apartment kindergarten ESL teacher in Jieyang Guangdong kindergarten, Mon to Fri schedule, salary 12K per month+ free apartment Kindergarten Asap
  Tianjin 20170927 15k to 18k kindergarten ESL teacher plus rent allowance in Tianjin salary is 15K to18K+ rent allowance 1000RMB per month, z visa one year contract renewable. students age 2.5-6, class size : 20 Kindergarten Asap
  Changsha 20170921 11k to 12k kindergarten ESL teacher in Changsha teaching hour max:2.5HR salary 10000-11000+1000 house allowance asap one year contract , near native is ok Kindergarten Asap
  Wuxi 20170824 15k to 18k per month kindergarten ESL teacher wanted in Wuxi 15000-18000RMB per month, paid at 15th every month(if 15th is weekend, then paid on next Monday) School will recommend some apartment for teacher, house allowance 1800RMB per month 10 months salary, 5 days paid Winter holidays Kindergarten Asap
  Anhui 20170823 13000RMB per month kindergarten English teacher in Liuan Anhui Salary: 13000RMB per month Airfare Allowance : 6000 Travel Allowance : 0 Insurance: School Paid Kindergarten Asap
  Shenzhen 20170822 13000 to 16000RMB per month kindergarten ESL teacher in Shenzhen native English speaker salary 16K after tax, free apartment near native with western looking , 13-14 K after tax, free apartment winter vocation one month without pay flight allowance 8000RMB per year Kindergarten Asap
  Zhuhai 20170818 12000 to 18000RMB per month kindergarten teaching job in Zhuhai Salary: 12000—18000 before tax Airfare Allowance : round flight ticket after contract ends (within half a month salary) Travel Allowance : no Insurance: yes Kindergarten Asap
  Shanghai 201708173 15K to 25k Per month kindergarten / nursery school in Shanghai 15K to 25K after tax per month downtown shanghai, contract starts Sept 2017 for one year renewable , native English speaker only Kindergarten Asap
  Wenzhou 20170815 15k to 20k per month kindergarten ESL teacher in Xuzhou/Wenzhou Mon to Fri , salary is 15000-20000RMB Per month, free apartment or rent allowance, Kindergarten Asap
  Dongguan 20170810 10000 to 13000RMB Kindergarten English teacher in Dongguan Wanjiang 10k for the first month, then raise 1k per month, up to 13k per month Total 14 month salary for one year Free apartment, free lunch & dinner, live in business area with free internet Kindergarten Asap
  Urumqi 20170809 12000 to 15000RMB Kindergarten English teacher in Urumqi Xinjiang Salary: 12K-15K before tax Airfare Allowance : reimbursement for round flight tickets after one year contract Travel Allowance : group activity Kindergarten Asap
  Chengdu 20170804 14k to 20k per month kindergarten teacher wanted in Chengdu/SH/Hangzhou Shanghai, 14000 before tax+6000 house allowance Chengdu, 13000 before tax + free apartment Zhuhai, 13000 before tax + free apartment or house allowance 1800 Xiamen, 13000 before tax + free apartment or house allowance 1800 Kindergarten Asap
  Zhuhai 20170803 12k to 18K per month free apartment kindergarten English teacher in Zhuhai Salary 12000——18000 before tax Airfare Allowance :round flight tickets after contract ends (within half a month salary) Travel Allowance : none Insurance: ye Apartment : yes Kindergarten Asap
  Xiamen 20170801 13000RMB plus free apartment kindergarten ESL teacher in Xiamen 13000RMB+apartment, z visa, native only , non native European, 9000RMB+FREE apartment Kindergarten Asap
  Shanghai 20170801 Well paid high school / kindergarten / Elementary school teacher in China Physics teacher in Chengdu/Tianjin, 15000-25000RMB per month Psychological / History / Literature teacher in Jinan/Suzhou/Tianjin, 12000-28000RMB Kindergarten Asap
  Chaozhou 20170725 ASAP kindergarten ESL teacher 10k to 12k in Chaozhou Guangdong kindergarten, 10000-12000RMB after tax+free apartment, z visa , Kindergarten Asap
  Shanghai 201707201 15k to 20k after tax kindergarten English teacher in Pudong Shanghai Mon to Fri kindergarten need 2 English teachers salary is 15000-20000RMB after tax which coves rent Kindergarten Asap
  Shanghai 20170717 30k per month kindergarten head teacher wanted in Shanghai salary is 30K per month before tax, require native English speaker with admin experience, Chinese skill would be great. start end of Aug. Kindergarten Asap
  Changsha 20170714 9000 to 10000rmb kindergarten in Changsha is hiring salary is 9000-10000Rmb per monh Rent allowance 1000RMB per month apartment will be ready and paid when you arrive flight allowance 5000-8000 per year Kindergarten Asap
  Shanghai 20170714 20k Per month kindergarten English teaching job Aug 2017 start in Shanghai Pudong Kindergarten is hiring 3 English teachers, 14000RMB plus 6000RMB rent allowance, 5000RMB per year flight allowance, Mon to Fri schedule Kindergarten Asap
  Beijing 20170714 18k to 21k kindergarten / Elementary school English teacher / music teacher in Beijing salary is 18,000-21,000 before tax House allowance is 6000-6800RMB, city allowance is 1000-1500RMB Relocation allowance:5000RMB, Luggage upto 4000, flight allowance upto 8000RMB per year Kindergarten Asap
  Sanya 20170713 kindergarten English teacher 8000 to 18000RMB per month in Sanya Salary: 120000RMB to 220000RMB annually before tax, on average 8000-18000RMB monthly Airfare Allowance : flight allowance 8000RMB Travel Allowance :8000RMB Kindergarten Aug 2017
  Linyi 20170712 15000RMB plus 3000RMB rent allowance kindergarten teacher in Linyi salary is 15000RMB per month, rent :3000RMB per month Kindergarten Asap
  Shanghai 20170711 Mon to Fri preschool English teacher wanted in Shanghai and Guangzhou 16K-20K after tax for Shanghai; 15k-18k per month in Guangzhou, paid on 10th every month Accommodation: no 28 days paid holidays Flight allowance: no Kindergarten Asap
  Shanghai 20170707 15K TO 25K per month kindergarten in Shanghai is hiring for Aug 2017 Salary; 15K to 25K Airfare Allowance: Provided Travel Allowance : Provided Insurance: Medical Provided Kindergarten Asap
  Beijing 20170630 15K TO 23k Kindergarten English teacher wanted in BJ/Shenzhen Salary: 15000-23000 Airfare Allowance : 5000 Travel Allowance Bonus 10000 Insurance Apartment : yes Kindergarten Asap
  Qingdao20170628 Around 20K Kindergarten English teacher all over in China Kindergarten in Wenzhou city, 20k Per month plus free apartment, kindergarten in Haerbin city, 16K plus free apartment kindergarten in Qingdao city, salary 15K to 20K per month plus free apartment Kindergarten Asap
  Hangzhou 20170618 9000 to 12000RMB per month kindergarten ESL teacher in Hangzhou Salary: 9000 RMB to 12000 RMB per month with free apartment; if students sign up, then the foreign teacher will get a commission The school and the apartment are both near the People’s Square subway station of Line 2 Kindergarten Asap
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