City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Nanning 20180716 12k to 16k kindergarten ESL teacher in Nanning Homeroom teacher ( stay with one class the whole day) 12k-16k per month, paid 8th every month Winter break two weeks (include Chinese New Year) and summer break (next July) two weeks; Kindergarten Asap
  Dongguan 20180714 12k to 20k kindergarten ESL teacher in Dongguan Guangdong 12k-20k before tax 10k flight ticket allowance after contract ends Accidental insurance 1k house allowance Free Three meals Kindergarten Asap
  Jinan 20180712 22k after tax kindergarten ESL teacher in Jinan 22,000K/M after tax, kindergarten in Jinan city is hiring ESL teacher. Mon to Fri schedule, 5 working hours per day, Kindergarten Asap
  Daqing 20180711 10k to 14k international Montessori kindergarten homeroom teacher in Daqing private apartment, free utilities, work visa, competitive salary 10-14k (opportunity to make additional money at our English training center if you would like), insurance, flight Kindergarten Asap
  Guangzhou 20180710 17k to 25k kindergarten English teacher in Guangzhou Guangzhou kindergarten needs English teacher Salary range: RMB 17,000 – 25,000 per month Kindergarten Asap
  Maoming 20180706 10k kindergarten ESL teacher in Maoming Guangdong salary is 10K plus free apartment. no visa support, one year contract, Aug 20 start Native or near native Kindergarten Asap
  Putian 20180705 12k to 15k kindergarten ESL teacher in Putian salary is 15K after tax for native and 12K to 13K for non native , z visa . Kindergarten Sept 2018
  Tianjin 201807051 9k to 18k kindergarten ESL teacher in Tianjin salary is is 9000-10000RMB for non native and 15K to 18K for native z visa qualification. start immediately. Kindergarten Asap
  Nanjing 20180703 16k kindergarten ESL teacher in Nanjing 16k per month single apartment out of campus with full facilities+2k house allowance Chinese national holidays, Summer/Winter holidays Kindergarten Asap
  Nanning 20180629 12k to 16k kindergarten ESL teacher in Nanning 12k to 16k, paid 8th monthly 2k housing subsidy provided Winter break two weeks (include Chinese New Year) and summer break (next July) two weeks Kindergarten Asap
  Guiyang 20180629 15k kindergarten training school ESL teacher Guiyang 15K+benefits Students: 2-10 years old Subject: Parent-Child class, Enlightenment education, normal English class Kindergarten Asap
  Changsha 20180625 10k to 17k kindergarten ESL teacher in Changsha 10000-17000rmb monthly (negotiable) Contract renewal for a second year, provided 5000RMB flight allowance. Z-visa offered if all the documents are ready Insurance offered Kindergarten Asap
  Jinan 20180608 21500RMB International division of Kindergarten ESL / EAL teacher in Jinan Competitive basic salary is around 18,500rmb (Dependent upon experience) Monthly housing stipend is 3,000rmb  Kindergarten Asap
  Hangzhou 20180607 15k to 20k kindergarten ESL teacher in Hangzhou 13k to 18k before tax monthly, 2k house allowance Native from UK/USA, Male preferred Kindergarten Asap
  Fujian 20180605 10k to 12k after tax kindergarten ESL teacher in Xiamen 10k after tax, can be1-2k more based on experience and ability 6000RMB flight allowance Free apartment Free meals Kindergarten Sept 2018
  Wuxi 20180529 14k to 19k kindergarten ESL teacher in Wuxi Z visa USD2300-3000 (About 14715 to 19194RMB) Free apartment Free lunch Half pay for holidays Kindergarten Asap
  Shenzhen 20180528 15k to 20k kindergarten ESL teacher Shenzhen 15k to 20k without accommodation Aug 2018 start Teach health.Science/Social/Language/art in English Kindergarten Aug 2018
  Meishan 20180525 15500RMB kindergarten ESL teacher in Meishan Relax working condition, only 5-6 classes 15500RMB before tax (14500+1000transportation allowance) Other benefits according to school sheet Kindergarten Asap
  Foshan 20180525 10k to 15k kindergarten ESL teacher in Foshan Accommodation: free apartment inside campus with full furniture Contract: Short term Air ticket allowance: Round trip tickets Salary: 10,000-15,000 CNY per month Kindergarten Asap
  Zhuhai 20180525 16k to 20k per month kindergarten ESL teacher in Zhuhai 8k flight allowance Downtown kindergarten not offer apartment with higher pay more teaching hours, Suburb kindergarten offer single apartment, need to pay 50-200RMB per month, less pay less teaching hours Kindergarten Asap
  Shunde 20180522 15k to 18k kindergarten ESL teacher in Shunde Guangdong 15k to 18k before tax Free apartment out of campus in downtown area Summer/winter holiday, national holiday Round flight ticket Z visa Kindergarten Asap
  Shanghai 20180522 20k to 30k kindergarten IB / Art / Science teacher in Shanghai Z visa Free apartment 20k to 30k before tax Free insurance Aug 2018 start。 Kindergarten Aug 2018
  Shenzhen 20180518 15k to 20k kindergarten ESL teacher in Shenzhen rest on Saturday and Sunday Holiday:Chinese Public Holiday and Christmas Offer commercial insurance salary 15000-20000RMB, no apartment Kindergarten Asap
  Linyi 20180518 15k to 20k kindergarten ESL teacher in Linyi Shandong 3 years+ education related experience 15k to20k Mon-Fri Not offer z visa Kindergarten Asap
  Zhuhai 201805152 16k to 20k kindergarten ESL teacher / EAL teacher in Zhuhai Start from end of Aug 2018 Vacancy 3 ESL 16k to 20k before tax including house allowance EAL 12K to 15k Kindergarten Sept 2018
  Huizhou 20180514 12k plus free apartment kindergarten ESL teacher in Huizhou Guangdong 12k+apartment Around 30 teaching hours Z visa Flight allowance after finish the contract Kindergarten Asap
  Beijing 201805141 20k to 22k kindergarten ESL teacher in Beijing salary 20k to 22k per month before tax, rent allowance, Aug 20180start, Kindergarten Asap
  Shenzhen 20180511 18k to 19k kindergarten ESL teacher in Shenzhen class size: 20-45 students in a class. School provide curriculum Started in September Full Time Teacher Kindergarten Asap
  Suzhou 20180507 11k to 14k kindergarten / Elementary school ESL teacher in Suzhou Basic 20 teaching class, no office hours Annually 120,000 to 160,000RMB 8:30-15:30 11k to 14k +free apartment Kindergarten Asap
  Shanghai 20180504 13k to 22k kindergarten homeroom teacher / ESL teacher in Shanghai 13k to 22k before tax, competitive salary based on qualification and experience Season bonus and semester nobus 4000RMB as bonus after 2 year contract House allowance: 8000RMB, with formal invoice can exempt tax Kindergarten Asap
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