City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Beijing 20171207 25k to 33k international school Math Science Physics Music teacher in Beijing RMB 25.000-33,000, Aug 2018 job in International school in Beijing International school Asap
  Kunshan 20171129 20k to 24k international kindergarten teacher / Chemistry teacher in Kunshan Mon to Fri schedule. Salary is 20K to 24K, plus apartment, other benefits too. International school Asap
  Shanghai 20171129 21k or more international school Physics teacher in Shanghai ESL: 21000 or above (w/ bachelor), 22000 or above (w/ master)  (before tax & including housing allowance)IT ALL DEPENDS ON HOW MANY YEARS OF YOUR WORKING EXPERIENCE  International school Asap
  Wuxi 201711252 International school ESL / Biology teacher / Chemistry teacher in Wuxi Pay is 14K-18K per month for elementary ESL teacher and 16K-21K for A-level IGCSE BIOLOGY/chemistry teacher International school Asap
  Suzhou 20171011 ASAP International school SAT teacher 18k per month in Suzhou Suzhou international school SAT teacher 18k per month(before tax) + free apartment 24 teaching class Working time: 8:00-17:00 International school Asap
  Guiyang 20170929 14K to 18K International institution of Education English teacher in Guiyang 14K to 18K International institution of Education English teacher in Guiyang Name: International Institution of Education (i2) Nature: Chinese-foreign Joint Current Position: Guiyang branch International school Asap
  Beijing 20170915 ASAP international school Art teacher / design teacher up to 27K in Beijing salary is 27000RMB to start, +2 years contract+18000RB for flight allowance per year, +medical insurance+fee apartment International school Asap
  Shenzhen 20170905 Middle/high school/IB school start asap Geography teacher in Shenzhen Free apartment z visa salary 15K after tax, or more flight allowance paid vacation International school Asap
  Tianjin 20170905 15k to 20k A level Mathematics / Science Teacher in Tianjin prepare students for Cambridge A level exams Salary is 15K to 20K plus rent allowance or free apartment, start asap International school Asap
  Shanghai 201708175 25K Per month International elementary to high school art teacher in Shanghai native or near native applicants wanted, salary is 18K to 25K plus rent allowance 3500RMB per month, Contract starts 2017 Sept 1 International school Asap
  Beijing 201707251 About 17k per month International elementary school homeroom teacher in Beijing International elementary school homeroom teacher Mainly teacher English Mon=Fri 15k per month+2K house allowance International school Asap
  Tianjin 20170719 25K to 35K business commerce / general commerce teacher needed in Tianjin Salary: 25K to 35k Salary during summer and winter holidays: 80% of monthly salary Pay Date: 10th of every month Airfare Allowance and Pay Date International school Asap
  Hainan 20170707 18k to 22k International elementary school drama teacher in Hainan 25 teaching hours per week 18-22K per month , free apartment Drama class within 10 students, English class within 25 International school Asap
  Beijing 20170706 27K or more international school Art Teacher/ ICT Teacher/ Math/Science Teacher in Beijing Airfare Allowance :1 Entry and 1 exit air ticket reimbursement, RMB 10,000 in the middle contract based on a completed 2 years contract Travel Allowance: an annual professional development subsidy of RMB 8,000 by reimbursement International school Asap
  Guangzhou 201707031 20K to 22K per month International elementary PE teacher in Guangzhou International elementary PE teacher wanted in Guangzhou, annual income is 240,000 to 260,000RMB International school Asap
  Yantai 20170630 20K to 30K PGCE international school painting teacher wanted in Yantai RMB 5000 Annual Professional Development Allowance (Rises to RMB 10,000 with subsequent contracts) RMB 2000 Baggage allowance (Upon arrival) International school Asap
  Beijing 201706281 25k per month A Level economics teacher in Beijing salary is 25K or more, free apartment and free meal, prefer teachers in china with working visa International school Asap
  Beijing 20170601 20K internatinoal school history/literature/ science/math teacher in Beijing Salary 20K per month, paid 10th every month Free apartment 3 month holiday One round flight tickets Working visa International school Asap
  Shenzhen 20170530 18K to 25K international IB school Math / Physics teacher in Shenzhen ShenZHEN IB school, IB math, physics teacher wanted , 18K to 25K per month, free apartment. z visa, International school Asap
  Beijing 20170530 International elementary / high school art / chemistry teacher ASAP in BJ (18k -26k per month) plus other benefits , high school chemistry teacher wanted International school Asap
  Sanya 20170527 17k to 20K before tax Near Sanya city K-12 school is hiring Engilsh teachers K-12 school English teacher Vacancy 4 Aug 20-Sept 1 start for one year International school Asap
  Shanghai 20170527 14000 to 17000RMB kindergarten French teacher wanted in Shanghai international kindergarten French teacher for Shanghai, Mon to Fri, Aug 2017 start salary is 14000-17000RMB perm onth + rent allowance, one year contract, z visa International school Asap
  Shanghai 201705272 International IBDP school painting / Economics / math teacher in Shanghai 18000-25000RMB per month before tax rent allowance 3500RMB per month free chinese lesson about 22 teaching classes per week International school Asap
  Shanghai 20170519 20K or more female/male dorm teacher plus free meals in Shanghai salary over 20,000RMB per month free meals bonus of the year 5% of annual income Round international flight allowance free insurance International school Aug 2017
  Shanghai 20170511 ELA/ World History/ World Geography / American History/ Math in Shangai Yearly salary package from 150,000 RMB – 220,000 RMB.,paid 10th provide housing allowance Approximately one-month vacation in mid-winter and 6-7 weeks in the summer;observes Chinese public holidays International school Asap
  Suzhou 20170508 International Elementary to high school English/Math/Science teacher in Suzhou Salary 13K-16K Airfare Allowance : allowance 8000RMB after one year contract Travel Allowance :allowance 2000RMB after one year contract International school Asap
  Shanghai 20170503 18K to 25K female international school female PE teacher in Shanghai elemenatry to high school, salary is 18000-25000RMB per month, 3500RMB per month for rent allowance free chinese lesson paid winter vacation International school Asap
  Chongqing 20170426 12K to 14K per month international kindergarten English teacher in Chongqing Salary: According to the experience and ability :12,000 RMB /month ---14,000RMB /month Accommodation: Accommodation provide International school Asap
  Chongqing 20170421 23 to 28K international high school writing/academic English teacher in Chongqing Salary for solid experienced teachers& No experience teachers(pre tax/after tax) 23-28k before tax  Paid Vacation: summer/winter holiday, Chiese national holidays How long the intern probation: 2 month International school Asap
  Shanghai 20170421 18K to 25K per month international school ESL teacher in Shanghai Shanghai Jing'an 18000-25000RMB, need American teachers School has foreign teacher recruting certificates? yes Working visa: yes International school Asap
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