City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Shanghai 20180716 30k to 40k international school licensed PE teacher in Shanghai 360k-480k annually (30k-40k per month) GRADE 1-8. Sept 2018 Feb 2019 start , the same payment terms All need teacher certificate International school Asap
  Beijing 20180716 30k International department teaching management director in Beijing 30k per month if can teacher some American High school curriculum, paid 15th every month 2k house allowance 50% salary for summer/winter holidays International school Asap
  Tianjin 20180705 16k to 20k international elementary school ESL teacher in Tianjin salary is 16000-20000RNB before tax, rent allowance 2100RMB/month, contract starts from Sept 1, 2018 International school Sept 2018
  Qingdao 20180626 20k international elementary school homeroom teacher in Qingdao International school elementary school homeroom teacher 18k per month before tax 2k house allowance International school Asap
  Zhuhai 201806202 International College Japanese teacher 6k to 8k per month in Zhuhai The 6.5-hour work schedule includes weekends, statutory holidays and paid winter holidays. Jasmine provides free accommodation for the staff, air conditioning, water heater and other facilities in the dormitory. International school Sept 2018
  Zhuhai 201806201 International College oral English teacher in Zhuhai Rates: 150 or more RMB per hour, depending on teaching skills and students’ assessment Accommodation: Provided on request Teaching hours:  8:30-12:00pm, 14: 30-16:10pm International school Asap
  Heyuan 20180620 13k to 15k international school ESL teacher in Heyuan Guangdong 13k to 15k per month Flight allowance: 6000RMB Yearly bonus: 2000RMB Free apartment with well furnished, utility paid by teacher International school Asap
  Qingdao 20180531 Great pay international elementary school in Qingdao Gross annual salary (before tax and deductions) of a teacher with no management responsibilities at top of the pay scale  is around USD100,600.00(RMB684,000.00) International school Asap
  Nantong 20180523 20k AP A Level Math / Physics / Chemistry teacher in Nantong 20 teaching class per week 20k+free ticket+free apartment Offer z visa if meet requirement International school Asap
  Beijing 20180517 18k to 25k international school ELL and Data Coach in Beijing Beijing , international school 18-25k per month + house allowance 55000RMB+other benefits International school Sept 2018
  Beijing 201805142 18k to 30k international elementary school homeroom teacher in Beijing salary 18k to 30k plus rent allowance, z, visa and other benefits, International school Asap
  Qingdao 20180425 31k to 33k international high school Academic teacher in Qingdao Bachelor or above, Master better 5 years + teaching & management experience 28-30K+3k house allowance before tax International school Asap
  Beijing 20180423 USD3000 to 4400 A level AP/IELTS/TOFEL/SAT Teacher in Beijing Salary range  $ 3000– $4400 Accommodation  House allowance provided by   school Medical Insurance  provided by school Visas,  work permit  Applied and helped by school International school Asap
  Beijing 201804183 18k to 25k PE teacher in Beijing Salary is from 18,000RMB per month up to around 25,000RMB per month upon teachers’ qualification and experience. Master and PhD degree supplement bonus 10000 RMB respectively per year. International school Asap
  Beijing 201804182 Around 40k international school principal in Xuzhou / Beijing Job Title: Head of Department (Primary Principal, Secondary Principal) Report to: Executive Principal annual income is 430,000RMB to 500,000RMB Location: Beijng and Xuzhou Jiangsu China International school Asap
  Beijing 201804181 18k to 25k international school homeroom teacher in Beijing Salary is from 18,000RMB per month up to around 25,000RMB per month upon teachers’ qualification and experience. Master and PhD degree supplement bonus 10000 RMB respectively per year. Housing allowance is 5500RMB per month. International school Asap
  Beijing 201803103 35k to 45k international K12 School Director of Marketing in Beijing Benefits: · Attractive salary package Annual Salary: Annual Airfare and transportation Support · Family Support and Dependent Benefits International school Asap
  Shanghai 20180307 15k to 20k international school Music / PE / Liberian / ICT teacher in Shanghai 15k-20k per month before tax, plus rent allowance 10k flight allowance Free breakfast & lunch International school Sept 2018
  Dalian 20180306 17k international kindergarten ESL teacher in Dalian Dalian,Liaoning, China international kindergarten need ESL teacher, require native, degree, can provide docs for working visa process, International school Asap
  Fuzhou 201803064 20k to 30k international primary school ESL teacher in Fuzhou International school in Fuzhou city , Fujian, China Aug 2018 start 20k-30k per month Position: Primary full subject teacher Vacancy 3 International school Asap
  Qingdao 20180227 18k to 25k international school art teacher in Qingdao 18,000-2,5000 RMB/Month after tax depending on experience and qualification, maximum 22 teaching hrs/wk; 2000RMB housing allowance per month; Work visa; 10,000 RMB Airfare upon the completion of contract; Entitled to school winter and summer holidays. International school Asap
  Beijing 20180226 20k to 30k international primary school / secondary school music teacher in Beijing 20k-30k per month + other benefits Native English speakers 2 years or more teaching experience Teaching certificate from mother country International school Asap
  Kunshan 20180211 20k to 23k per month international kindergarten ESL teacher in Kunshan Kunshan , Jiangsu province, China Feb 2018 start 20k-23k per month international kindergarten ESL teacher International school Feb 2018
  Sanya 20180131 22k to 28k Bilingual International School math teacher in Sanya Salary : 22,000RMB - 28,000RMB/ $3800 - $4500USD/ Month Location : Sanya START DATE: 26th February 2018 or Aug 2019 International school Feb 2018
  Taicang 20180130 15k to 20k high school international department ESL teacher in Taicang Free apartment Z visa Free Insurance Full pay for summer & winter holidays International school Feb 2018
  Nanjing 20180129 12500RMB per month K12 school English instructor in Nanjing ·Basic Salary starting from RMB__12500_per month, depends on working experience and demo; ·Bonus: The standard teaching hours of employee are 70 per month. International school May 2018
  Taiyuan 20180129 13k to 16k GAC ACT center Academic math/science/teachers in TaiYuan ·13,000-16000 RMB(after tax)/month for a Math or Science teacher ·6,000 RMB per year for flight ticket ·1,500 RMB per month for accommodations International school Asap
  Dongguan 20180126 16K to 20K K12 school English teacher wanted in Dongguan • RMB 16,000 ~ 20,000 / month (after tax) • RMB 8,000 ticket reimbursement • Paid winter & summer vacations International school Aug 2018
  Kunshan 20180124 20k to 23k international kindergarten English teacher PE teacher in Kunshan Kunshan, Jiangsu province International school Licensed English teacher for kindergarten, licensed PE teacher wanted, salary is 20K to 23K+ Apartment International school Asap
  Changshu 20180120 16k international elementary school homeroom teacher in Changshu HOMEROOM Teacher salary 16000RMB before tax free apartment near campus or 3000rmb Rent allowance International school Aug 2018
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