City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Qingdao 201803233 16k to 20k high school math / science teacher in Qingdao Aug, 2018 start salary 16K to 20k, rent allowance 3000RMB, native only High School Asap
  Beijing 20180322 15k to 25k high school Beijing/History/Science/Math teacher in Beijing Salary:15k-25k Work Visa:yes Days-Off: Weekend Accommodation / air welfare provided with certain limitation High School Sept 2018
  Guiyang 20180320 20k to 25k high school Physics/Math teacher in Guiyang Start asap 20k to 25k per month +free apartment Z visa Transportation allowance Paid winter & summer holidays High School Asap
  Chengdu 20180312 15k high school Physics/ American literature / Foundation business teacher in Chengdu RMB1,5000 to RMB2,0000 per month after tax; Air ticket allowance RMB 1,0000 per academic year; Accommodation allowance up to RMB 3000 every month; High School Asap
  Shanghai 20180310 15k to 22k high school music + English teacher in Shanghai •Approximately one-month vacation in mid-winter and 6-7 weeks in the summer -----summer an winter vacation 60% monthly salary 15000—22000 before tax High School Asap
  Zhongshan 20180308 High school full time Japanese teacher in Zhongshan Zhongshan, Guangdong, China High school Full time Japanese teacher 16-18 teaching class, each 45mins High School Asap
  Guilin 20180306 15k to 18k High school Physics / Economics / History teacher in Guilin Monthly salary: 15k-18k RMB after tax(depends on teaching experience and diploma degrees) Festival: the same to the Chinese staffs Housing allowance: 1600RMB/Month High School Asap
  Fuzhou 201803062 20k to 30k international high school ESL teacher in Fuzhou International school in Fuzhou city , Fujian, China Aug 2018 start 20k-30k per month Position: ESL teacher (Junior Middle School and IGCSE level) vacancy 2 High School Asap
  Quanzhou Fujian 20180228 15k public high school ESL teacher in Quanzhou Fujian 20 teaching class no office hours 15k per month after tax Free apartment+flight allowance+flight allowance High School Aug 2018
  Chengdu 201802228 15k to 20k High school English/Economics/math/Physics teacher over in China 15k -22k per month Competitive salary Free apartment Free health insurance 10k flight allowance High School Asap
  Jinan 20180228 12k to 16k after tax high school Economics teacher / ESL teacher in Jinan Economics+ language (America & Canada direction), vacancy 1 History + language (UK direction), vacancy 1 English(UK direction) vacancy 1 12k to 16k per month after tax High School Asap
  Guiyang 20180226 15k high school math teacher in Guiyang 20-25 teaching class Free apartment Paid summer & winter holidays Flight allowance: 10k Salary: 15k per month High School Asap
  Hangzhou 20180226 16k to 20k high school Physics teacher in Tonglu Hangzhou Start asap, one year contract About 20 teaching class 16k-20k per month Free apartment High School Asap
  Zhaoqing 20180211 About 16k elementary to high school English teacher in Zhaoqing 12000RMB per month before tax Work 9months paid 12 months(including 3 months for winter holiday/flight allowance/bonus) On average 16000RMB per month High School Asap
  Hangzhou 20180205 Up to 20k English and Math teacher for high school in Hangzhou 16000-17000 After Tax, Free apartment or 3k Housing allowlence visa: Z visa, foreign expert certificate and residence permit paid holidays: winter and summer vacation, the national statutory holidays High School Aug 2018
  Chongqing 20180130 Around 25k international high school Chemistry teacher in Chongqing Chemistry teacher wanted FEB /MARCH 2018 START Around 25k per month 20-23 teaching class Mon-Fri Need office hours High School Feb 2018
  Guiyang 20180130 16k to 20k Public high school Physics teacher Math teacher in Guiyang FEB /MARCH 2018 START Guiyang, Guizhou province 16-20k per month1 High School Feb 2018
  Chongqing 20180124 9000 to 9500RMB high school German teacher in Chongqing Mon-Fri Free apartment Z visa 9000-9500per month March 1, 2018 start High School March, 2018
  Shanghai 20180117 15k to 22k per month high school math teacher in Shanghai 15k to 22k before tax, based on ability and experience Free apartment Insurance High School Feb 2018
  Shanghai/Wuhan 20180112 Well Paid high school / Middle school PE teacher in Shanghai / Wuhan ANGHAI high school ,MINGHANG, Shanghai PE teacher ASAP SALARY OVER 20k High School Asap
  Shenzhen 20180109 18k to 20k high school math teacher wanted in Shenzhen 18K-20K per month + free apartment, z visa, 20 teaching hours per week, contract starts from March 1 2018 one year, renewable.   High School Mar 2018
  Shanghai 20180104 18k to 20k PE / IT / Humanities / Physics / ESL teacher in Shanghai Aug/Sept 2018 start for one year, Mon to Fri schedule , salary 18-20K around + rent allowance 3500RMB per month High School Aug 2018
  Shanghai 20180103 30k international high school ESL teacher in Shanghai 25K or more plus rent 5000RMB per month ESL teacher wanted in Jan, 2018 Shanghai Minhang, high school Grade 9-12 Teacher Salary and Benefits High School Asap
  Zhengzhou 20171227 15k to 19k high school English Physics Biology Chemistry teacher in Zhengzhou Stable salary before tax: 15000 RMB-19000 RMB Free accommodation Sponsored Z visa plus Foreign Expert Certificate (FEC) Medical Insurance High School Asap
  Panjin 20171226 17k after tax English training center English teacher in Panjin Liaoning Starting salary 17,000 RMB, after tax Free health insurance Free housing, single not shared apartment. Western high standard, all utilities paid. High School Asap
  Wuhan 20171218 15k or above boarding school kindergarten to high school French teacher in Wuhan 15k+ per month according to ability & experience Three meals a day in school canteen China visa fees paid by school High School Asap
  Jining 20171218 15k to 16k High school ESL teacher in Jining 15000-16000RMB, high school in Jining city, ESL teacher wanted asap, one year contract, renewable High School Asap
  Qingdao 20171207 Up to 20k high school science teacher English teacher in Qingdao Science teacher, English teacher 16-18k per month before tax, 3k house allowance, total up to 20k per month, depends on teacher’s ability High School Asap
  Nantong 20171205 14k to 16k high school Chemistry Biology Physics teacher in Nantong 14-16k per month after tax+free apartment Paid 20 days Reimbursement for one flight ticket or 7000RMB allowance Help teacher apply a working visa High School Asap
  Chengdu 20171205 High school Physics math American Literature/psychology teacher in Chengdu RMB160,000/year to RMB200,000/year; Air ticket allowance; Accommodation allowance; Baggage allowance High School Asap
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