City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Qingdao 20171207 Up to 20k high school science teacher English teacher in Qingdao Science teacher, English teacher 16-18k per month before tax, 3k house allowance, total up to 20k per month, depends on teacher’s ability High School Asap
  Nantong 20171205 14k to 16k high school Chemistry Biology Physics teacher in Nantong 14-16k per month after tax+free apartment Paid 20 days Reimbursement for one flight ticket or 7000RMB allowance Help teacher apply a working visa High School Asap
  Chengdu 20171205 High school Physics math American Literature/psychology teacher in Chengdu RMB160,000/year to RMB200,000/year; Air ticket allowance; Accommodation allowance; Baggage allowance High School Asap
  Tonglu 20171130 14k to 16k full time academic teacher A lever teacher in Hangzhou Tonglu Sponsored residence permit and insurance; Travel allowance: RMB 8,000 a year; Housing allowance: RMB 2,000 a month or free accommodation on campus High School Mar 2018
  Wuhan 20171129 ASAP 16k to 23k High school AP/USPP Economics teacher in Wuhan Wuhan city, high school Economics (AP and USPP) teacher wanted asap. MOn to Fri schedule. salary 16000-23000RMB before tax+2000RMB/M rent+2000RMB/M living allowance High School Asap
  Shanghai 20171125 18k to 20k per month high school English teacher in Shanghai 18-20K per month high school English teacher wanted in Shanghai, Mon to Fri High School Asap
  Shenzhen 20171123 Shenzhen Bao-an kids training school English teacher ASAP Native or near native with visa wanted in Shenzhen Bao'an, ASAP . 13500-15500without apartment or 10500-13500 with free apartment High School Asap
  Changsha 20171123 16K to 22K Economics/math teacher in henan Xinxiang/Changsha Competitive Salary is provided for all qualified teachers Free accommodation / housing allowance Health insurance High School Asap
  Beijing 20171122 20K high school English / literature / Histroy teacher in Beijing Shanghai Nanjing Monthly salary 20, 000 RMB before tax Will provide housing allowance 3000 RMB per month. Will provide coverage of health insurance. High School Asap
  Qingdao 20171122 STEM Teacher and Research Project Coordinator wanted in Qingdao city 18,000-25,000 RMB/Month after tax depending on experience and qualification. Monthly housing allowance:2000 RMB High School Asap
  Nanshan 20171116 Guangzhou Nanshan 22k to 25k experience Psychology teacher wanted SALARY IS 22k TO 25k, Rent allowance 4500RMB per month, 12000RMB flight allowance upon one year contract, March 2018 start High School Mar 2018
  Haizhu Guangzhou Haizhu Guangzhou 17k to 20k Psychology teacher wanted asap Psychology teacher wanted in Guangzhou Haizhu, ASAP, salary 17000-20000RMB per month, which covers rent, after tax, Mon to Fri, about maximum 24 teaching hours, High School Asap
  Hangzhou 20171115 Hangzhou high school math teacher up to 20k monthly salary is 17Kafter tax + free apartment or rent allowance 3000RMB after tax, z visa, High School Asap
  Beijing Changping Beijing Changping district, high school prepare students study overseas need an English ESL and Writing   High School  
  Changsha city high school in Changsha city, need English teacher with TOEFL/IELTS teaching experience   High School  
  Taiyuan 20171011 GAC program 13k to 15k English teacher / science teachers in Taiyuan 13,000-15,000 RMB(after tax)/month for a Math or Science teacher 6,000-10,000 RMB per year for flight ticket 1,500 RMB per month for accommodations High School Asap
  Xiamen/Jinjiang 20170927 12k per month public high school ESL teacher in Xiamen/Jinjiang 8000 RMB flight air allowance after one year contract free apartment (with all basic facilities and free Wi-Fi ) at most 20 working hours per week and Two days off per week High School Asap
  Beijing/Tianjin 20170921 ASAP 25k to 35k high school math / computer teacher in Beijing/Tianjin Salary: 25k to 35k Salary during summer and winter holidays: 80% salary Pay Date: paid 10th every month Airfare Allowance and Pay Date High School Asap
  Guangzhou 201709204 Part time high school oral English teacher in Guangzhou Working time: Thursday and Friday; 40 minutes/class; 10 classes in two days Student Grade: Junior Student's age: 7-16 years old ; Class capacity: 30-40 students High School Asap
  Guangzhou 201709202 TOEFL/Economics or psychology ESL Part time or full time teacher in Guangzhou teach high school TOEFL mainly speaking, full time job, 10K to 15K without apartment, native or Chinese with GOOD TOEFL score and teaching experience High School Asap
  Guangzhou 201709203 Part time high school oral English teacher in Guangzhou Class capacity: 30-40 students teaching experience: love teaching Diploma: Bachelor degree or above High School Asap
  Guangzhou 201709201 TOEFL/Economics or psychology ESL Part time or full time teacher in Guangzhou 10K to 15K without apartment, native or Chinese with GOOD TOEFL score and teaching experience High School Asap
  Jieyang 20170918 20k per month high school ESL teacher in Jieyang Guangdong salary 20K per month, free apartment , European or native female teacher,start asap, one year contract, z visa can be sponsored High School Asap
  Shenzhen 20170913 15k to 25k per month High school math teacher in SH/Shenzhen pay is 15K to 20K+ 2K in Shanghai, Tianjin 18K-25k+apartment, Nanning 15K-18k +free apartment , Changhai 15K -20K, Zibo 15K and DOS is up to 20K , High School Asap
  Zibo 20170913 13K to 20K high school DOS/ESL English Literature/Math/Science/Business in Zibo Salary:13K-15K for regular teachers 17-20K for DoS Airfare Allowance :5000/Per Year Travel Allowance Insurance: Yes Apartment : Housing Allowance 1000RMB(Aside from Salary) High School Asap
  Nanning 20170908 15k to 18k per month plus free apartment high school math teacher in Nanning Monthly salary: 15k-18k RMB after tax(depends on teaching experience and diploma degrees) Festival: the same to the Chinese staffs Housing allowance: 2000RMB/Month Providing medical and accident insurance : Yes High School Asap
  Shenzhen 20170906 18000-20000RMB per month high school math teacher wanted in Shenzhen Salary 18,000-20,000RMB per month , contract is Sept, 2017 to June 30, 2018 8000RMB flight allowance after one year contract free well furnished private apartment with free Wi-Fi, 20 working hours per week, no office hours, 2 days off High School Asap
  Xiamen 20170831 12000RMB after tax high school English teacher asap in Xiamen Salary:12000RMB after tax Airfare Allowance :8000RMB per year Travel Allowance Insurance:Covered High School Asap
  Shanghai 201708302 High school Physics teacher 15k to 25k per month in Pudong Shanghai Shanghai pudong, physics teacher wanted, 15K to 25K, + rent allowance 3500RMB per month, start from Sept 1 High School Asap
  Shanghai 201708301 15k to 20k per month high school math teacher in Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai math teacher wanted, High school 15k to 20 K + rent allowance 2000RMB per month, start Sept 1 High School Asap
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