City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Hangzhou 181106 16k to 19k high school math teacher in Hangzhou high school math teacher wanted in hangzhou city, after tax 16k to 19k, plus rent 3000rmb per month, start in one week High School Asap
  Chengdu 181101 18k to 22k high school Physics teacher and Psychology teacher in Chengdu RMB18000/ month to RMB22000/month(after tax); Ÿ Air ticket allowance,10000RMB/ per academic year; Ÿ Accommodation allowance,3000RMB/ per month; High School Asap
  Jinan 181022 15k per month high school ESL teacher in Jinan 15k per month, negotiable, paid at the end of month Free apartment, utilities paid by teacher Chinese holidays, and summer/winter vocation Flight allowance after one year contract High School Asap
  Jiaxing 181015 Up to 20k middle high school ESL teacher in Jiaxing up to 20k Per month +free apartment or rent allowance+free meals+ flight allowance +paid vacation 2 day off per week High School Asap
  Guangzhou 181009 21k to 23k high school math Physics teacher in Guangzhou Max 25 teaching classes per week , salary+rent allowance is about 21k-23K after tax , require native meed z visa qualification High School Asap
  Jinjiang 181008 15k after tax high school ESL teacher in Jinjiang Fujian 1. Salary: RMB 15,000 monthly (Native English speaker after tax) 2. Accommodation: free independent apartment (2 bedrooms&1 living room&1 kitchen&1 bathroom) High School Asap
  Shaxian 20180928 13k high school English teacher in Shaxian/Sanming Fujian 1. Salary: RMB13,000 per month. 2. Accommodation: free well-decorated, full-furnished apartment provided. 3. Vacation: one month winter vacation with basic salary RMB3000.  High School Asap
  Jian ou Fujian 10k per month high school ESL teacher in Jian’ou Fujian high school ESL teacher Usually 9 teaching class per week No office hours High School Asap
  Foshan 20180921 High school part time SAT Math teacher in Foshan 200-250RMB/Hour, negotiable Teach SAT Math, familiar with Question Pattern 3 times per week, Mon-Wed-Fri or Tue-Thur-Sat, 2 hours at least per time No apartment High School Asap
  Beijing 20180911 Middle high school Chemistry/Math/Science teacher in Beijing/Hangzhou Science/math teacher wanted in Beijing changping,, Math teacher wanted in Hangzhou, Music teacher wanted in Xuchang. Start Sept 2018 asap High School Sept 2018
  Beijing 20180905 20k high school ESL teacher in Beijing before tax 16K+4k Rent , high school in Beijing Location: Miyun/Tongzhou/Changping District , Beijing, China High School Asap
  Guangzhou 20180819 18k to 20k high school Economics teacher Psychology teacher in Guangzhou salary after tax 18-20K per month, no apartment, one year contract, renewable, native English speakers only High School Asap
  Beijing 20180819 20k to 25k high school Math teacher in Beijing salary is 20K to 25K plus free apartment, z visa, one year contract, start Aug/Sept 2018 High School Asap
  Jinjiang 20180810 15k after tax public high school ESL teacher in Jinjiang 1.Salary: RMB 15,000 monthly (Native English speaker after tax) 2.Accommodation: free independent apartment (2 bedrooms&1 living room&1 kitchen&1 bathroom) 3.Vacation: about 15 days for winter vocation with payment; High School Asap
  Huangdao 20180809 12k to 14k senior high school ESL teacher in Huangdao Qingdao salary:12000-14000/mth airfare allowance:10000/yr travel allowance:none insurance and apartment holiday :26days,paid holiday High School Asap
  Fenghua 20180804 15k to 20k high school English teacher in Fenghua Guangzhou 16-18 years old students 25 teaching class Free accommodation 15k to 20k  High School Asap
  Guizhou 20180723 18k after tax high school ESL teacher in Tongren Guizhou 18k after tax Around 20 teaching class no office hours High School Asap
  Zhuhai 201807201 16k to 20k high school science teacher / art teacher no office hours in Zhuhai Around 20 teaching hours No office hours Free single apartment Free meals 16k to 20k before tax, negotiable when interview High School Sept 2018
  Bayan Nur 20180706 15k after tax high school international class English teacher in Bayan Nur High school international class English teacher 15k after tax no office hours, 18 teaching class, free apartment or 1k house allowance High School Asap
  Chongqing 20180705 15k to 18k high school IELTS English teacher in Chongqing salary is 15K to 18k for salary, free apartment, about 20 teaching classes per week, small officer hours , High School Sept 2018
  Jining 201807042 15k to 16k high school ESL teacher in Jining free apartment, salary 15k-16k , Sept 1 start. High School Asap
  Zhuhai 201807041 16k to 20k high school history teacher in Zhuhai about 20 teaching classes per week, free apartment, teach American history, salary is 16000-20000RMB before tax High School Sept 2018
  Hangzhou 20180703 17k high school Economics teacher in Hangzhou salary is 17000RMB per month after tax,   flight allowance 8000RMB per year,   apartment outside apartment High School Sept 2018
  Qingdao 20180703 USD3000 to 4000 international high school history/math/science teacher in Qingdao Grade 10. benefits package: salary 3000-4000usd per month, plus apartment, insurance,.visa support, flight allowance. High School Asap
  Chengdu 20180620 250RMB to 300RMB Per hour High school part time Biology teacher in Chengdu Salary range: 250 - 300 CNY / per class hour (40mins) Teaching Materials: Activate KS3 Science 1 Students: 13-15 years old (Middle School ) Teaching Hours: 6 class hours per week, Monday to Friday (15:30pm- 17:30pm) High School Asap
  Putian 20180525 10k high school ESL teacher in Putian 10k per month 8k flight allowance Free apartment Within 20 teaching class High School Asap
  Panyu 20180524 24k to 25k high school Psychology teacher in Panyu Guangzhou Salary Range: RMB 24,000 – 25,000 per month(which covers rent ), (Salary can be negotiated depending on your educational background, teaching qualifications and teaching experience; with a full salary probationary period of 1 month); High School Asap
  Jinan 20180504 12k to 16k after tax High school English teacher in Jinan 12k to 16k after tax, free single apartment , free utilities Round flight ticket, business insurance Full pay for summer 7 winter holidays High School Asap
  Zhaoqing 20180416 Up to 20k primary to high school ESL teacher no office hour in Zhaoqing 15k before tax Sept 2018-June 2019, 9 months for contract, paid 10months salary, 2 months bonus and flight allowance, total 180,000RMB High School Asap
  Wuxi/Chengdu/Shenzhen 14k to 30k high school ESL / Physics / Math / teacher Above vacancy: Art major 14k-18k, Science major 18-25k Free apartment Transportation allowance Z visa Full pay for summer & winter holidays High School Asap
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