• Job Title: 00 to 8000RMB university English teacher in Shaanxi Taiyuan/Weinan etc.
  • City/Province/Country: Taiyuan 20171001

7000 to 8000RMB university English teacher in Shaanxi Taiyuan/Weinan etc.


7000-8000RMB university English teacher wanted in Shaanxi Taiyuan/Weinan etc. Jiangsu Zhenjiang, Guangdong Foshan/Shunde, Haerbin/Changchun, Weihai, Tangshan, shijiazhuang ETC


Native English speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland etc

Female teacher preferred, 22-58 years old, art major preferred

Linguistic/education/management major preferred

Master or above preferred


7000-8000RMB per month, negotiable

Free apartment (free utility & web access)

Free breakfast (300RMB allowance), teacher canteen

One year contract, reimbursement for round flight ticket

16-20 teaching class, Mon-Fri, usually have no class at evening, might have optional course at evening

Start from end of Feb, March 5 class begins

Can hold three-months travel visa, then can transfer to working visa

Body examination after arrival, charges paid by school


Mainly teach Audiovisual English, Survey of Britain and America, Oral English, Oral English Communication    


If you are interested please send a 30 seconds video introduction in English focus on teaching and education background, resume, photo, degree in English translation, teaching cert to (plz send us the job link as well) to the email below


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