• Job Title: GAC program 13k to 15k English teacher / science teachers in Taiyuan
  • City/Province/Country: Taiyuan 20171011

GAC program 13k to 15k English teacher / science teachers in Taiyuan


Academic English/science/teachers TaiYuan, China

Vantage Academy is a GAC-ACT center in Shanxi Province of China.

Our goal is to prepare students for successful study overseas.

Feb 2018 start


GAC program, authorized by ACT, is an international program which provides courses for students aiming for universities abroad. It is an internationally moderated program that teaches a variety of subjects to ESL students.


Besides the GAC program, we also provide courses on ACT preparation, TOFEL, and AP (i.e. Advanced Placements: which include English Language and Comprehension, Calculus AB+BC, Physics B+C, Biology and Chemistry, World History and Microeconomics.)


The school is located on the campus of Taiyuan University of Technology. Classes are from 8:00am to 6:30pm and students must pass a standard English test to be admitted. Class sizes are under 25 students who are very academically minded with a unified purpose of attending a Western University the following year.


Current Postings

Currently, we are recruiting full-time teachers to begin on 26th Feb. 2018, and we need teachers for GAC science +AP chemistry or biology that can also teach some English classes in our academic program.


We ask for a maximum of 20 teaching hours/week plus a few office hours/teacher supervision. We try to book classes in afternoon or morning blocks so teachers often have a couple of half days in their 5 day schedule. Our teacher’s are given Z visas, Resident's Permits, and Foreign Expert certificates.


Salary and Benefits

13,000-15,000 RMB(after tax)/month for a Math or Science teacher

6,000-10,000 RMB per year for flight ticket

1,500 RMB per month for accommodations

teachers are given a choice of having the accommodation ready for them on arrival or staying in a hotel for a week and helping to choose their apartment

One year medical or emergency insurance can be provided

Paid holidays include a week and a half for Christmas, at least 15 days for Spring festival and other government holidays

June is also a holiday and is paid if it falls within your contract or a lesser subsidy given if at the end of your contract



Bachelor’s Degree or above

TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certification a plus

Two years teaching experience (exceptions can be made if applicant has a degree in education)

Native English speaker or fluent speaker who has lived in a Native English environment

Age 25-50


If you are interested please send a 30 seconds video introduction in English focus on teaching and education background, resume, photo, degree in English translation, teaching cert to (plz send us the job link as well) to the email below


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