• Job Title: 13k to 20k kids training school ESL teacher in Panyu Guangzhou
  • City/Province/Country: Panyu 181024

13k to 20k kids training school ESL teacher in Panyu Guangzhou


Guangzhou Panyu,

Recruitment conditions: native English speakers are preferred, non-native requires good accent

Strong sense of responsibility


Contract period: one year Foreign teacher qualifications: 2 years of teaching experience


Work content: Working hours 35hours a week which includes less than 28 lessons per week, 40 minutes per lesson, no more than 84 hours per month.

Week and Tuesday rest.


Student age: 3-12 years old Class size: small class, no more than 12 people per class


Salary and payment method: 15-20k (without apartment) or 13-17k (with apartment) (depending on experience, education, major, mother tongue, etc.), pay monthly salary on the 15th of each month


Accommodation: If you choose an accommodation plan, you can be provided a comfortable 2 bedroom and 1 living room around the campus.


Holiday leave: Enjoy a statutory holiday break in China, and enjoy an additional 5 days of paid annual leave in the second year of renewal of the contract.

Ticket reimbursement: after the expiration of the contract, subsidize the ticket reimbursement within 3,000 yuan


Visa processing: Foreign teachers who meet the conditions for work permit can apply for a work visa, and the expenses are paid by the school.

Medical and accident insurance: buying accidental medical insurance

Teaching assistant: available


If you are interested please send your resume in word format, photo, passport, degree cert scanned copy for application or contact us by (Email subject: your preferred job & location, eg.High school math teacher in Beijing )


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