• Job Title: 7k to 9k university ESL teacher in Chongqing
  • City/Province/Country: Chongqing 1811151

7k to 9k university ESL teacher in Chongqing


University in Chongqing, ESL teacher wanted.


Bachelor: 7000 yuan/month

Master:   8000 yuan/month

Doctor:   9000 yuan/month


Working time: From Monday to Friday.3 months for summer and winter vacationswith full pays.



1.  You can get 10,000 yuan airfare allowance and 3000 yuan travel allowance if you work over one year in our university.

2.  You can live in the foreign teacher’s apartments without paying for renting,water,health and accident insurance, electricity and network.

3. You can learn Chinese language and Chinese culture for free in our university. We have a specific Chinese teacher to teach foreign teachers. (Half year to pass HSK-1,one year to pass HSK-2)

4. You can get 500-700 yuan salary raise every year if you teach well and you want to extend the contact.



1.  Regular activities for foreign teachers.

2.  Student assistants are ready to help you all the time.

3.  Holiday gifts from our university.

4.  Low living consumption and good environment with beautiful rivers and mountains.

 Workload: 16-20 periods/week(one period = 45 minutes). You can get 100 yuan extra pay/period if you teach over 16 periods per week, and you don’t need to be in the office all the time except for some regular meetings and activities.


If you are interested please send your resume in word format, photo, passport, degree cert scanned copy for application or contact us by (Email subject: your preferred job & location, eg.High school math teacher in Beijing )


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