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China has very different culuture, different food, different language, and different people than your own country. China is still a developing country even there are so many good things going on with
When you decide to work in China, you might want to know the following information:
1.Are you ready for this adventure?
China has very different culuture, different food, different language, and different people than your own country. China is still a developing country even there are so many good things going on with fast economy development. Make sure you are ready and open-minded enough for adventures and culture shock, Surely many westners say life style here is very western and mordern in so many ways.
Make sure you are physically healthy to travel and  teach.
You need to have a passport, money to buy ticket.
99% jobs will need applicants with degree, but we always have opportunities for none degree holders.
2.What documents you should prepare to apply a job in China, and what other requirements?
You will need to prepare a detailed resume with education and work experience, passport copy, degree cert copy, sometimes teaching certificate like TESOL or CELTA.
3.How do you know you are offered a job?
You will normally have a phone or skype interview with a school officer or Study Director. The employer will make decision whether or not to offer you the contract upon your attitude, experience, qualification, accent, outlooking, age and so on.
You will be asked to print and sign the contract they sent you, scan and send to employer by e-mail or fax to confirm the acceptance. After you do it, then you should not sign contract with another school as this will be a commitment
4.How much money you should bring ?
Living expenditure is quite low in China. As in most case, you will get free well-furnished apartment close to the campus, so you will just need to bring money for personal expenditure like clothes, food, calls and so on, but you don't want to be nervous if the budget is too tight, in this case about 500-1000usd pocket money would be alright.
5.Foreign exchagne rate?
Chinese RMB ( also known as CNP) is gaining more value nowdays.
1 US Dolloar is about 6 RMB, 1 Pound is about 8RMB, 1 Euro is about 8RMB
6.What kind of benefits package and workload I expect to teach in China?
Public schools
Conversational English teachers normally get offer a standard salary range 5000-6000RMB per month based on different qualification; Working load is about 14-20 teaching periods per week, each teaching period is about 45-50 minutes. No office hours are required
Work from Monday to Friday, free on weekends.
Private schools
Conversational English teacher will get different salary from 5000RMB per month to 9000RMB permonth; working load will be 22 to 40 hours which might includes lunch hours, teaching hours and office hours. Not all private schools require office hours.
Subject teachers
For applicants who have teaching experience and education background in special subject like IELTS, math, physics, chemistry will have opportunity to earn a salary between 10,000RMB to 25,000RMB per month.
Internaional travel allowance
Almost all schools provide international travel allowance which should be efficient to cover all or most of  cost of a round economical air ticket between China and teacher’s home country at the end of one year contract.
Almost all public schools offer free apartment which is close to the campus, as well as private schools, but some of them provide a fixed apartment allowance and let teacher find their own apartment later on.
Most public schools will provide a kind of health insurance or accident insurance, but many private schools do not provide.
Extra bonus
Most schools do not offer bonus but extra teaching are allowed in most schools, or even in the contract it states not allowed but the employer keep one eye close when the teacher is taking part-time elsewhere esp. in public schools.
7.How easy to open a bank account and transfer money outside of China ?
You just need to show your passport to the bank person to open a bank account. No appointment is required and it can be done in 5 minutes.
You can transfer money out of China by bank transfer or western union. It is convenient and fast.
8.How does the clinic and hospital work in China?
If you go to hospital in China, you needn’t make an appointment in advance, you can just show up in the hospital. Generally you can get a blood test result in a few minutes.
9.What kind of holidays are available in China ?
The Employee will receive the following public holidays should they occur during the Contract
New Year (1st January) One (1) day  Chinese Lunar New Year (January/February) three (3) days
Tomb-Sweeping Day(Apr) One(1)day  Dragon-Boat Festival (June) One(1) day
Labor Day (1st May), One (1) day  Mid-Autumn Festival (Sep) One (1)day
National Holiday (1st October), three (3) days Christmas day (25th Dec)
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