Name Nationality Students age Expected salary Date of Birth School type Fields to apply Country
  Paul Wiesenborn USA I am an ESL teacher from the USA, and I've been living in Qinhuangdao (Heibei province, China) for three months. I was hired by my current employer, English First, with the help of HR China. ¥0.00 2014-02-19    
  Jake China 2001-2002 Middle school,2003-2010 University ¥3000.00 1999-11-06 Middle school The winter vacation
City/Province/Country Job Title Benefits Package Institute Type Contract starts from day month year Country
  Zhuhai 20170818 12000 to 18000RMB per month kindergarten teaching job in Zhuhai Salary: 12000—18000 before tax Airfare Allowance : round flight ticket after contract ends (within half a month salary) Travel Allowance : no Insurance: yes Kindergarten Asap
  Fuzhou 20170818 15000 to 25000RMB grade 2 homeroom teacher wanted in Fuzhou Salary: 15000RMB/month-25000RMB/month (12 months) Airfare Allowance : yes Travel Allowance Insurance Elementary School Aug 2017
  Shanghai 201708176 15k to 20k high school math teacher science teacher in Shanghai salary is 15K to 20K plus rent allowance 2000RMB per month, Contract starts 2017 Sept 1 High School Asap
  Shanghai 201708175 25K Per month International elementary to high school art teacher in Shanghai native or near native applicants wanted, salary is 18K to 25K plus rent allowance 3500RMB per month, Contract starts 2017 Sept 1 International school Asap
  Shanghai 201708174 15k per month public elementary school ESL teacher in Shanghai 15K after tax plus 1000RMB per month, contract starts Sept 2017 for one year renewable , native English speaker only Elementary School Asap
  Shanghai 201708173 15K to 25k Per month kindergarten / nursery school in Shanghai 15K to 25K after tax per month downtown shanghai, contract starts Sept 2017 for one year renewable , native English speaker only Kindergarten Asap
  Shanghai 201708172 18K per month Kids training school ESL teacher in Qingpu Shanghai kids training school in Qingpu district, Salary is 18K for native and 12-15k for near native, free apartment , over 20k for senior teacher Kids training center Asap
  Shanghai 201708171 15K per month kids training school ESL teacher in Minhang Shanghai one year contract. 40 working hours per week, 2 days off, salary is 15k around plus free apartment Kids training center Asap
  Zhengzhou 20170817 adults training school 13K to 15K plus free apartment z visa in Zhengzhou Single and standard apartment ( rent cost is about 2500RMB per month) Medical insurance Around flight tickets once a year salary is 13000-15000RMB per month Adults training center Asap
  Shenzhen 20170816 15k to 16K elementary/middle school English teacher wanted in Shenzhen no office hours free apartment well furnished, private paid winter holiday and public holidays 8000RMB flight allowance upon one year contract Elementary School Aug 2017
  Chengdu 20170816 full time or part time kids English teacher wanted in Chengdu Salary: 12000-15000 per month ,negotiable for part time Salary during summer and winter holidays: paid as usual Pay Date: 15th every month Airfare Allowance and Pay Date: negotiable Elementary School Asap
  Chongqing 20170816 Native / non-native elementary/middle school English teacher in Chongqing Salary: 6000—12000 before tax, according to ability Airfare Allowance : round flight tickets after one year contract Travel Allowance: NO Insurance: No Elementary School Asap
  Changsha 20170816 native or non native with English major adults training school teacher in Changsha Salary: 10000-15000RMB per month Airfare Allowance : 6000RMB/year Travel Allowance : / Insurance: business insurance Adults training center Asap
  Xuzhou 20170815 15000 to 20000RMB per month high school ESL teacher in Xuzhou high school, English teacher wanted, 15000-20000RMB Per month, free apartment or rent allowance, High School Aug 2017
  Wenzhou 20170815 15k to 20k per month kindergarten ESL teacher in Xuzhou/Wenzhou Mon to Fri , salary is 15000-20000RMB Per month, free apartment or rent allowance, Kindergarten Asap
  Tianjin 20170815 Up to 20K per month elementary school ESL teacher wanted in Tianjin about 20 teaching hours, require officer hours, salary is up to to 20K before tax upon teacher's qualification, free apartment and free meals, Elementary School Aug 2017
  Beijing/Wuhan 20170814 18K or more free meals French teacher wanted in Beijing/Wuhan Chinese national holidays, overwork allowance 18000RMB or above per month, three free meals a day Visa charges domestically paid by school Middle school Asap
  Beijing 20170811 ASAP 15000RMB plus free apartment German teacher in Beijing 200000RMB per year (basic salary + bonus) Intern period 12000RMB, 15000RMB after intern period Paid on 1st of every month University Asap
  Dongguan 20170810 10000 to 13000RMB Kindergarten English teacher in Dongguan Wanjiang 10k for the first month, then raise 1k per month, up to 13k per month Total 14 month salary for one year Free apartment, free lunch & dinner, live in business area with free internet Kindergarten Asap
  Guangzhou 20170810 kids training school 16K to 20K English teacher wanted ASAP in Guangzhou 16k per month for intern period, paid 10th every month, about 17k-20k or more after intern period Free accommodation Holidays : yes Flight allowance: yes, after intern period Kids training center Asap